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Why The IGC 2015 Legends Are Actually Superheroes

The 2015 IGC Legends Bracket this year is entirely stacked with some of the best glovers ever. There are representatives from all over the country facing off, and each one of these guys has earned Superhero status in the gloving community. This year, the Legends Bracket is going to be a battle that will go down in history with Waterloo, Normandy and that time Loki opened a portal over NYC.

The LEGENDS and their superhero alter egos:

[PM] Rhapsode – The Blue Ranger

Fear the words, “It’s morphing time” when it comes to this guy. His digits and dials are creative as can be, but Rhapsode’s true skill comes from his ability to pantomime concepts and create humorous illusions. This power ranger was a favorite to win IGC last year and has only leveled up since.

[MOB] Vex – Taskmaster

Gloving’s true prodigy. Vex’s skills rest in his uncanny ability to see and assimilate concepts at a rapid pace. He can also anticipate the music and hit every relevant note with an unrelenting string of complex concepts. The kid doesn’t reset. He doesn’t fall offbeat. Ever. 

MACHINE – The Terminator

Machine is exactly that. He was built by a glover from the future and sent back in time to win IGC. It seems like he was programmed with all the crowd pleasing concepts: on point musicality, rapid fire flail tuts, complex digits and dials that are near impossible to execute. He doesn’t have a weakness and he WILL be back.

[T.V.] Pilgrim – The Boy Wonder

At the age of 15, Pilgrim is this year’s youngest confirmed legend. This beast from the east may be young, but his isolation game is far from young. Sidekick to the east coast’s “Dark Night” aka [CC] YoungBlood, this tech master is out to prove that age is just something to rub in the competition’s face when you win. So, look out for this one because he came out guns blazing at Socal BOSS to claim his spot. 

[3M] Jest some scrub

Not even entirely sure how he made it this far. Heh. JEST DO IT.

[PM] Cypher – QuickSilver

Slick and smooth. He is faster than the human mind can follow. Cypher is another crowd favorite for his uncanny speed control and beat matching ability. With a background in popping and liquid, he has more swag than he knows what to do with and isn’t afraid to throw it all in your face.

[PM] Ice Kream Teddy – Thanos

What else can I say about last year’s IGC champ? I don’t want to face him first round. If you don’t understand why Teddy is the gloving equivalent to Thanos, you haven’t gotten an IKT show, or you don’t know who Thanos is. Either way, you have some research to do. 

[MM] Thumper – Magneto

He might not be able to control every element, but he controls enough to be destructive. Don’t sleep on this IGC champ. He may be coming back with a vengeance. 

[PM] Munch – Dr. Strange, the sorcerer supreme

Munch is the the original conjurer and his style speaks for itself. The glover pioneered southpaw conjuring and is a pro at adding entertainment and humor to his performance. It may have been four years since his last IGC championship, but never underestimate the magic man. When a show is based on conjuring, you can never really know what is going to happen.

[PM] Dazed – Aquaman

Dazed uses liquid better than a water bender, and his transitions are more buttery than movie theater popcorn. Nothing fishy about how Dazed ended up in the Legends Bracket. He is a crowd favorite and a sea monster of a competitor.

[S>] Parrot – Bird Person

SQUAAAK! PArrot is one of my favorites. The guy is smart and skilled, and his passion for dance comes from a love for hip hop. Parrot also has a knack for picking up dance concepts right away. He was a fierce opponent to me at Miami BOSS and definitely deserves the IGC Fan Vote. 

[PM] Gambit – Gambit

Gambit is Gambit for a reason. He is a tutting superhero to the gloving community, and he has been inspiring glovers to tut since before I was in the scene. Gambit has a way of taking your brain out of your skull just to play with it in front of you. He is a bit of a prankster, which prevails in his light shows. I would never bet against Gambit.

[PM] Dunzo – DarkWing Duck

True students of gloving and fans of the OG gloving scene know why he is a fan favorite. His skills are characteristic of any master: smooth, concise and complex. Frankly, I can’t believe it’s not butter. I can believe that this guy inspired some of the people who inspired me, so by the transitive property, he is one to watch out for during IGC. 

[TLNT] Omega – The Ninja Turtle

The first TLNT member to win a sanctioned BOSS event and one of Texas’s heavy hitters, Omega’s skill set is as expansive as a turtle’s knowledge of martial arts. He also has the support of the largest squad in gloving history. Everything is bigger in Texas, and Omega is certainly a big name to look out for during IGC. 

With a lineup like this, the Legends bracket is going to be flat-out explosive. Plus, there are two more unclaimed spots in this awesome tournament. Since those spots are going to the winners of the two BIGGEST competitions of the year, this match up is literally going to be a clash of the most powerful beings in the gloving universe.

So my question to you is….

Where will you be on October 10?


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