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Where Are All the IGC Competitors Coming From?

… we asked ourselves this fine morning, gently stroking Teddy’s beard in unison.

Well, we ran an analysis to see exactly where this year’s IGC competitors were coming from, and the results were pretty inspiring. Check out this dope map!

Here’s the Rundown.

So obviously with IGC being in Southern California, you’ve got the heaviest representation there with a solid 94 glovers.

But what’s really interesting is that glovers from the 5 next hottest states are NOT within driving distance of the event (Texas, Hawaii, Florida, Illinois and Colorado). In total, there are 38 competitve glovers who are crossing multiple state lines to compete. That means over a quarter of the competition is making a huge effort to be there. This isn’t even counting the spectators coming along to watch their hometown heroes.

Intimidating, no? You’ve got to appreciate that kind of dedication.

IGC is literally going to be Glover Christmas: all your favorite glovers from all over the nation under one roof, for just one day. You can see the full roster at the very bottom of the IGC page here.

The 2015 Legends Tournament is pretty diverse, too. With BOSS Champions from California, Texas and Florida this year, we’ve got Legends from coast to coast.

  1. [PM] Rhapsode (Socal BOSS Feb.) — California
  2. [MOB] Vex (Miami BOSS March)  — Florida
  3. Machine (Dallas BOSS April) — Texas
  4. [T.V.] Pilgrim (Socal BOSS May) — New Jersey
  5. [3M] Jest (Miami BOSS July) — Minnesota
  6. [PM] Cypher (Socal BOSS Aug.) — California
  7. [PM] Ice Kream Teddy (IGC ’14) — California
  8. [MM] Thumper (IGC ’12) — California
  9. [PM] Munch (IGC ’11) — California
  10. [PM] Dazed (Fan Vote) – California
  11. [PM] Dunzo (Fan Vote) — California
  12. [S >] Parrot (Fan Vote) — Kentucky
  13. [PM] Gambit (Fan Vote) — California
  14. [PHO] Omega (Fan Vote) — Texas
  15. (Open Tournament Winner #1)
  16. (Open Tournament Winner #2)
teddy chrunched down

Teddy thinks he’s going to beat down everybody on that list. Do you?

**Note: The data collected was based on ticketholders who purchased through the EmazingLights web store only. Glovers who obtained competitor tickets through any other channels were not accounted for.


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