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We Followed Our Sponsors Around Socal for HARD Summer Week and All We Got Were Insane Light Shows


Hello Gloving Universe!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled feature breakdown to bring you a special recap of an amazing week we had with all of our sponsors earlier this month in the days leading up to HARD SUMMER 2015. The spark that ignited this gathering of fire started when [IM] Puppet earned a free trip to HARD, courtesy of Emazinglights, for his success in the Sponsorship Program.

We had so many glovers from so many states all in one place! [GG] Swirlz and [MOB] Vex from Florida, [UV] Flow and [UV] Blastoff Sloth from Seattle, [3M] Jest from Minnesota, [IM] Mez from Hawaii, [PM] Cypher and Tranquil from Socal, the list goes on. It is so insane to think that most of us do not even know each other save for online interaction and a common goal to create a better gloving community, yet when we are all together it feels like a family reunion.

The week went as follows: Sponsor BBQ Saturday, featured video shoots, photo shoots, collab videos, numerous dinners (including the loss of some KBBQ and Chipotle virginities), a trip to Disneyland Thursday, FNL featuring a 3-on-3 battle of our sponsors on Friday, and finally, the two days of musical madness and face melting anarchy that was HARD Summer. Sounds like quite a week, doesn’t it? For our Sponsored Glovers, this was a bonding experience of epic proportions. We all came together that week, and not just the sponsors but the entire gloving community at HARD SummerRegardless of the venue’s restrictions, light shows were in full force and I haven’t felt a community surge in California like that since Beyond Wonderland.

Thinking back to how this week went, all I can think about, even as I write this, is IGC (the International Gloving Championship) on October 10th. If the week of HARD Summer is any indication, it is going to be the moment of moments for gloving, and for all light arts as a whole.



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