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Wake Up, These 13 Sleepers Could Crush IGC This Year

With so much hype surrounding big name glovers like [PM] Cypher and [ION] Vex in the Legends Bracket, people forget that there are 128 awesome competitors in the Open Bracket. Since IGC boasts talent from all over the country, I wanted to shout out some of the top sleepers in my book.

Here’s Vulcan’s Sleeper List for IGC:

[PM] Skidz & [PM] Dazed

These guys are two heavy hitters that should not be forgotten. They are among the quieter members of the renowned [PM] squad, which could be why little spotlight has been sent their way.

[LOL] Hobbes & [LOL] Stormtrooper

The gloving world worships the Lords of Light [LOL]. Here are two Lords that don’t get mentioned as much as they should. Take a look at Hobbes in action or a Stormtrooper battle to see what you’re up against.

[IM] Korrupted & [IM] Dynamiks

[IM] Puppet and [IM] Mez are not the only glovers representing Aloha Nation at IGC. These two glovers use refined simplicity to express amazing showmanship. Check out their stuff with Hawaii’s finest, Infinite Movement.

[HAH] Jumanji & [Ambience] Gameboy

No strangers to competition, these two are well known, but not talked about enough. Jumanji recently finished 2nd at August SoCal BOSS, and Gameboy is an Emazing sponsored tech monster. Watch out if you’re up against either of these two at IGC.


[LJ] Soma & [PLL] Johnny Blaze

These two are well-known names on Glover’s Lounge that don’t get enough credit. We all know they throw fire, but did you know glovers like this were competing?

[T.V.] Infinite

With [T.V.] Pilgrim blowing up after a SoCal BOSS win, there isn’t enough attention drawn to [T.V.] Infinite. A beast in his own right, he will always throw some tech that will catch you off guard.

[Vivid] Great Dane

This dude is a monster from the well revered Team [Vivid]. He’s been out of the scene for a while, but if you’ve seen him glove, you know not to underestimate him.

Silly Dot

Silly Dot is a girl glover that has been around for a while. She placed in the top 4 at IGC 2012, and she’s making her competitive comeback this IGC. With fire like this, she’s sure to turn some heads.

Vex’s Dad


Yes, his glover name is Vex’s Dad.

Even though he gave away his competitor ticket, he’s everybody’s good luck charm this year. Except for his Vex, who he will be highly critical of as he competes in the Legends Bracket. Kidding! He’s for sure one of the most supportive gloving parents out there. Cheers to awesome dads.

Now that you are wide awake to these sleepers, are you ready for IGC? This year will be the best IGC yet. You can still get your spectator tickets here.


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