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These Trail Shots Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

The power of the lights we play with can produce a much more permanent image when captured in photos with slow shutter camera lenses. These pictures are a testament to the artist’s control over his lights and spacial awareness.

We took some of the trail art shots that spoke to us and posted them below. Brace yourself for some wild “paintings” if you will. Flow comes in all shapes and sizes. Check it out.

1. A clock is in perpetual motion. Always in flow. Never stopping. Until now…


Photo Credit: [AOTL] Jaamon

2. The power of flow is inside every light show artists. It’s in our DNA. This is what DNA looks like blown up for you to see!


Photo Credit: Prohpet

3. The lights and colors can create someone’s entire festival. Sometimes you can’t help but just watch in awe.


[FiL] Saturn

4. Our passion for lights takes us all over the world. This is EmazingLights Sponsor Allazo throwing down at the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.


Photo Credit: Allazo

5. That passion runs so deep that you want to practice, practice, and practice some more. Eventually, you are going to level up OR go super saiyan!


Photo Credit: [AOTL] Jaamon

6. Once you’ve harnessed the power of lights, the rest of the concert or festival can feel so small. You are creating your own little world. The rest of the show is not important.


Photo Credit: Thomas Blase

7. You start creating galaxies for yourself and others, you realize that you are the one in control. At any point during your light show, you can reach into that nebula and punch a black hole into reality.


Photo Credit: [AOTL] Jellyfish

8. Prophet might be the master of creating trail art animals. The images speak for themselves!

Photo Credit: Prophet

Photo Credit: Prophet


Photo Credit: Prophet


Photo Credit: Prophet

9. When lights aren’t enough. You can always play with fire.


Photo Credit: David Goddard‎

10. But in the end, it’s all one love for lights.


Photo Credit: Jewel Finn


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