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Top 5 of 2016, and What’s Ahead for EmazingLights

As the year comes to a close we can’t help but look back and be grateful. At our jobs, we get to spend every day finding new ways to bring the beauty of light shows to more and more people. Who could ask for more?

This year we directed that gratitude into laying new foundations and taking new directions. All of it was in the name of uniting all types of light show artists together under one roof. With that in mind, we narrowed down our highlights into this top 5 list.

Top 5 of 2016

1. GGN

It’s no secret that glovers and light show artists love to hit up kickbacks and flow jams. Collaboration and friendships within the community are key. When we launched GGN in May, we wanted to make it easy for anyone to find the closest light show community to them. Today we support 40+ active GGN communities around the world, including almost 20,000 light show artists.

2. IGC 2016

This November was the 6th annual International Gloving Championship, and it was bigger than ever. Not only did we get to host it at an awesome new venue, but we also majorly upped the ante on prizes and created a ton of never-before-seen competitions including Orbiting, Tutting and Impacting. Not to mention the first rollout of, which will become the global gloving competition tracker in 2017. This year at IGC, we tried a lot and we learned a lot. Next year promises to be even bigger and better.

3. Spectra Bluetooth Glove Set

This was the year for gloving technology. We could not just release something that was a small step forward. This year, it had to be a huge leap. We are proud to say that with the Spectra, glovers can now finally stop clicking their lights for hours just to create the perfect mode. The Spectra app gives you the key to creating your own custom colors, flashing patterns and modes in a simple interface, then transferring via Bluetooth to your lights. The app is now available for both iOS and Android devices!

4. Orbiting – The Rebirth

This year, the age old rave art form exploded in both popularity and skill. Suddenly orbiting is a lot more than just circles and spins. Thanks to the innovators in the Starlight Facebook Group, orbiting has become a more developed art form, adding in handles, wraps, traces, grid work and more. This year we put our full support behind the orbiting movement with new products like the Zero Orbit, orbiting Facemelt Crews at festivals, and the introduction of competitive orbiting at IGC, all of which will carry into 2017.

5. ePoi – A Brighter Way to Spin

ihr_epoicomposite_1001x1001_938684fe-033d-4242-b718-fe075a030277 (1)
We rounded out 2016 with the another major step toward uniting all the light show communities. Poi spinners had always told us how they wished our LED technology was available in poi. So this year we said, challenge accepted. The ePoi launched in August after 2 years of development, featuring tech that combines the powers of the Element V2, Chroma CTRL and Flow V2. We are beyond excited to bring the ePoi and other future products to the LED poi community as we head into 2017.

Honorable Mentions

Sponsorship – We threw our first ever sponsorship retreat, expanded our program to orbiters, and worked with artists such as Krewella, NGHTMRE and CTut to produce original gloving music videos.

Facemelt Crew – The Orbiting Facemelt Crew’s strong showing at EDC really made us consider expanding the program to even more flow arts, furthering our goal of uniting and exposing all forms of light show artists.

Learn Flow Arts Center – This year we built out full-on Learning Centers for all those who are new to Gloving and Orbiting, plus Help Centers for the Spectra, Element V2 and ePoi. We will continue to build these resources in 2017.

What’s in Store for 2017?

Well, a lot. Without giving away too much, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • New Products for All Flow Arts
  • GGN Expansion
  • Launch
  • More Competitions
  • The Most Epic IGC Yet (we hear 7 is a lucky number)
  • More High Quality Video Content

And we’ll leave it at that… just so we have SOME room for surprises.

Thank you all for being a part of this amazing year. We couldn’t have done it without the passion and dedication that you all bring to your light shows. You inspire us, and we hope we inspire you right back.

Have a happy and safe new year!

— The Emazing Team

Brian Lim – CEO/Founder
Davis “Skittles” Duong – Brand Manager
Alex “Cypher” Balladares – Assoc. Community Manager
Sean “Ninja” Okita – Assoc. Community Manager
Jack “Alpha” Preis – Sales Manager
Andy “Cameraguy” Nguyen – Video Production Manager
Joel “Zephyr” Rivera – Product Engineer


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