Trail Shot by Chris Hales

The Wizarding World of Light Academy

If you are a glover active in the online community, chances are you’ve heard of or are a member of the infamous Glover’s Lounge. Glover’s Lounge is the biggest gloving based Facebook group with over twenty thousand members. It’s a staggering number, but a recurring trend we see is that a handful of glovers dominate the group with their posts. This got me to thinking: how do we encourage beginners to join the conversation without feeling intimidated by the space?

“Light Academy is a haven for like-minded individuals to share a passion with the notion that all scrutiny will be constructive and considerate.” -Chad Morris

Trail Shot by Maddy Roy

Trail Shot by Maddy Roy

The gloving scene is way different now than it was for me when I was a beginner. When I first started back in 2010 there were minimal tutorials available and the online scene was just gaining traction. Even though there was a lack of instructional platforms, looking back now it feels that as a beginner you had less fear of judgment. You could go to gloving meet ups and trade with your favorite glover in person and ask what you needed to work on. Meetups, tournaments, and festivals were the optimal way to learn and grow, not via the online community. Since the growth of online community, things have changed. Now it’s so easy to be discouraged from posting a video in fear of negative comments or receiving no feedback. This lead to the creation of Light Academy.

“Intimidation level is WAYYYY lower than in Glovers Lounge.” – Dillian Martinez

Trail Shot by Dom Michael

Trail Shot by Dom Michael

Katherine Kim, co- founder of GetBlitzed and my best friend, came up with the name for Light Academy. From all the times that she and I ventured to festivals, we gathered that a good majority of my following and fans consider themselves beginners. We figured this out from the tutorials that I have made with Emazing as well as the ones on my personal YouTube page. The number one thing people tell me and that I am so flattered by is “Blitzen, you taught me how to do finger rolls!” Consequently Katherine and I thought, why not make Light Academy a group not only for beginners but encourages learning from your peers in a positive way with a focus on tutorials. We also emphasize a zero tolerance policy for any self promotion in this group, as well as ban any discussion on company politics and product shaming. Our focus is strictly on gloving and helping others learn this incredible art form. The rest was up to the willingness of the community to be on board with our vision of a gloving utopia and they have been nothing but amazing.

“Everyone here is actually working towards the greater good of gloving. This group is entered with a positive mind and anyone of any skill level is given the opportunity to show off their passion with no fear of ridicule.” – Hunter Bruno

Trail Shot by Nico Schneiter

Trail Shot by Nico Schneiter

Currently we are finishing up our Harry Potter themed beginner’s gloving tournament and hope to continue with weekly challenges, working with other leading glovers in the community, creating more tutorials, giveaways and much more! Anyone can contribute – whether you consider yourself as someone just starting out or are a more experienced glover looking to share some advice, we encourage glovers of all levels to contribute to the group. And that’s why we created the Light Academy: to learn from, create and connect with one another.


“Light Academy comes with an understanding: everyone is here to learn and share. In that sense, everyone puts their most positive foot forward. It’s what the gloving community needed.” – Josh Pilla aka Jest

– Blitzen

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