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The Legend of Siren

At age 20, Alexandra Kiang (aka Siren) is part of a talented crop of orbiters that is taking over the light show community as we speak. Part of a sister Cosplay Duo for 4 years and the MC of the only functioning Anime Maid Cafe in America, Siren’s most unique talent as a performer might be her ability to play a long list of characters and raise the production value of a project by looking the part. For her EmazingLights Feature, Siren uses her extensive Cosplay experience and next level orbiting to play the role of Link from the Legend of Zelda video game series. Light show artists always talk about how storytelling is an essential aspect of a good performance. When Siren orbits, she doesn’t just tell a story. She is the story.

EmazingBlog: So you are relatively new to the light show and rave scene. What’s your story? How did you get into orbiting? How long have you been spinning?

Siren: My story started one night after my friend’s and I went out to Dave and Buster’s; where we won a couple sets of LED finger lights. We went back to my place and we played around with the lights for a bit. After a while, my friend asked if I had masking tape, chopsticks, and shoestring. I was so confused but I got him what he needed regardless. It took him around half an hour to construct a functioning orbit. That was just a little over a year ago, and I have been flowing nearly every single day since then.

EmazingBlog: In your feature, you portray Link from Legend of Zelda. Tell us a little about your cosplay background and what it’s like playing a character. Which other characters can you play?

Siren: How cosplay was introduced into my life was through my little sister. My favorite anime is Madoka Magica, and my sister suggested I dress up as Homura and her as Kyubey. We did those cosplays around four years ago at Anime Expo. I was hooked from the very first day, instantly falling in love with being a beloved anime character and being surrounded by like-minded people. Since then I tend to focus on sister cosplays or groups cosplays. We are definitely most known for our Mei and Satsuki cosplays from My Neighbor Totoro.


EmazingBlog: I’ve seen you wear some cool costumes at the festival. Do you think dressing the part helps your light show game?

Siren: Absolutely, I think your look/persona is what magnetizes or repels people from you. Since I have been cosplaying for so long, I know that the interactions you have with people are very dependent on what you look like. I try to apply this concept when attending festivals as much as possible because at the end of the night I just want to melt some faces and spread the light.

EmazingBlog: So this is your first time coming and shooting and Emazing Feature. What was the experience of creating and shooting a video like? Was it how you envisioned it to be?

Siren: Everything about that night far exceeded my expectations. From the very beginning, I felt comfortable and at home, and when we set out to film everyone was abundantly professional and friendly. A lot of laughs and memories were shared that night, and I’m so very excited for everyone to see what we created. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


EmazingBlog: Last question for you. What’s your end goal for light shows?

Siren: I don’t really see an “end” goal because this is something I’m never going to cease doing and loving. I want to go as far as I possibly can go with this, and most of all I want to expose the true art and sport that is orbiting and all forms of flow. I someday see myself being a sponsor and hopefully belonging to a team. Lights make me so happy it is kind of ridiculous, and I suppose in the end I just want others to feel that happiness.


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