Hard Summer Facemelt Crew 2015

The Facemelt Crew Hits HARD Summer 2015 With the Biggest Crew Yet


Last weekend, 65,000 bodies shuffled through the gates of the Pomona Fairplex for Hard Summer 2015, a festival that has been hyped as one of the best for music-lovers, yet one of the worst for Gloving. Among those bodies were 13 of our very best light show artists, making up the biggest Facemelt Crew we’ve ever sent to a festival.

In the crew, plenty of out-of-state talent flew in to join the festivities. Names like [UV] Flow, [3M] Jest, [GG] Swirlz, and the star of it all, [IM] Puppet, made their way to California to show us how they go HARD. Joined by some of the local pros [GG] Medusa, [GG] Crystals, [PM] Lalaby and [FML] Toasty along with crews like [PM], [LOL], & (AYO?), we formed a huge mob of finger wigglers both inside and outside the festival.

We even caught one of our favorite Aloha islanders [IM] Mez throwing some of his crazy signature clock moves at us.

Despite the ridiculous heat, dust, and the tragedies Saturday, the Facemelt Crew still showed strength in numbers and had literal pits of light shows in the crowds. Last Hard Summer was my favorite festival of 2014, so I had pretty high hopes for this year as the Crew Captain.

Security was a joke, but it ended up working in our favor. Getting gloves through the lines was a breeze. Once we got inside we had free reign to put on our lights and dance as we pleased, only being stopped once to stand up rather than sit on the ground. They didn’t seem to mind us gloving while standing in the crowds.

During the day, we made our way into the Purple & Pink stages to seek some shade to glove, but headed to the main stage after sunset to catch headliners Porter Robinson and Jack Ü for some real trades.

Gloving wasn’t as strong here as at most Insomniac events. I’m assuming HARD’s strict policies turned glovers away from the get-go. But even though there wasn’t as many new faces as usual, appreciation for the art was insane. Lines of people asking for shows, fanboys and fangirls screaming when meeting the Facemelt Crew, and the infinite amounts of hugs and “thank-you’s” really showed how much people loved seeing us do what we do.  The Porter Robinson meet up was definitely the best, with at least 30 glovers in one spot at main stage and an enormous amount of energy from both the music and everyone around us cheering for dope shows and melted faces.

Some of the Facemelt Crew’s highlights of the weekend:

  • One of our Washington sponsored glovers [UV] Flow got added onto Lords of Light, making him the only Lord to ever be added to the roster from out-of-state.
  • Two of Hawaii’s best glovers, Puppet and Mez, joined us for the party and showed off that Aloha flow.
  • The Facemelt Crew got interviewed by LA Weekly after one of their reporters spotted us walking from stage to stage.
  • We met up with the tut master himself Jayfunk for some sick dance battles.

All in all, the festival wasn’t as amazing as expected. Despite broken sound systems, poor venue layouts and slow lines that left us in 100 degree heat for hours, we still had a blast hanging out together as the Facemelt Crew once again. Bringing on new faces and talent was a blessing, and I can’t wait to see both old and new friends again at the next festival.


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