The Element: Revamped. Welcome to V2.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… The eLite Element V2 made contact with the human race.

What’s up guys! [LOL] [UV] Flow here, to talk about the newest chip from EmazingLights, the eLite Element V2. The V2 is a revamp on the Element light, the first glove light from Emazing with motion control technology that reacts dynamically to your movement.

When the first version of the Element dropped back in April, admittedly it came paired with quite a few bugs. The speed function was difficult to work with, the tilt function was shoddy and only changed at a directly upward and downward angle, and users would report bulbs snapping off constantly. Happily, all of these issues have been taken care of, and the Element V2 is hands down the best chip to ever come out of the EmazingLights camp.

New Upgraded Motion Functions

Speed and Tilt motion functions have been completely revamped with new tweaks for each motion function, in addition to the all new Flux Motion. Flux Motion is my absolute favorite new feature. It takes the first 3 colors of your mode and blends them seamlessly the faster you go, creating some downright amazing patterns and combinations. It works with any flashing pattern on the chip as well, so there’s plenty of room for customizationand hidden easter eggs with this mode 😉

Useful Defaults, New Colors and New Flashing Patterns

Each default mode has been specially designed to cater to different gloving styles. There’s modes for: Festival glovers, All around glovers, Tutters, Digits & Tech heavy glovers, Muscality based glovers and Whips & Flow oriented glovers. You can see more about how to use these in the Quick Start Guide.

The color palette has been stretched to 30 colors (plus a blank) that includes 6 new colors: Cosmic Owl, Lime, Cyan, Lens Flare, Snarf, and Tombstone.

There are 12 Flashing Pattern options that include 3 new flashing patterns: Shadow, Centerpoint and Ultra Dops

element-v2-flashing-patterns2 elements-v2-glove-set-color-pallete

Everything else is dank, too.

The firmware upgrades on the V2 consist of faster programming level navigation, optimized button click response, some fixed master reset issues, and let’s not forget eLock Battery Protection, which came out on the Chroma CTRLs, allowing you to keep your lights from turning on in your pocket or bag. The V2 features reinforced LED bulb connections as well.

In conclusion…

I’ve toyed with the newest lights from all of the major gloving companies out there right now, and I can honestly say that the new eLite Element V2 is the best light I’ve ever played with. Hands down. With revamped Speed and Tilt functions that now work perfectly, brand new Flux Motion, and a ton of other cool features and Easter eggs throughout the light, it’s probably my favorite light on the market right now. But don’t take my word for it… check out some of the Emazing sponsors doing their thing with the V2 below 🙂

Oh yeah, the Loyalty Upgrade Program!

All V1 owners now have the chance to upgrade to Element V2’s for only $10. This ends on March 11, 2016, so get them in before festival season!





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