The eCharge Myths: Deconstructed

What’s up, guys? This is Alpha Jack, I handle product marketing over at Emazing.

I’ve got to be honest, here. When Brian showed me the first prototype of the eCharge early in the year, I wasn’t sold. My glover brain immediately raised red flags when I saw this wired up contraption thingy for my hand.

But after putting it on and trading shows with the dudes in the office, I realized that despite my hesitations, this thing actually had a ton of potential. And now that it’s out, fully tested and developed, I know it does.

In my mind, the biggest thing standing between you and a new set of eCharges is the way you’ve been taught to think about wired gloves. I decided to take a shot at demystifying this thing.


First things first: The eCharge isn’t the pre-wired glove you bought at Spencers.

It’s not even in the same league. I want to mention the eCharge’s durability here first because you know as well as I do that any wired glove set you’ve ever used breaks on you. Probably way sooner than you expected, too.

The good news is, WE KNEW you were going to think that. Remember, we’re glovers, too, and we’ve been there. We’re not just some mega corp with old white dudes smoking cigars. Except for Tom in Accounting. But nobody likes Tom.

Point is, we reinforced every single connection point on the eCharge so that you can do all your finger wiggles without a worry. If you are like me and you hate the word “pre-wired,” then just don’t call it that. This is “Gloving’s first rechargeable battery pack” that just happens to use wires in a very awesome way.

Okay, onto the next one:

The eCharge won’t replace your 1620s.

We know you don’t want to wear this thing in competition. You probably don’t want to crotch it when you sneak your lights into festivals, either. In fact, I don’t ever recommend putting electrically charged products next to your junk. Unless you’re into that kind of thing? No judgment, here. You do you, Boo Boo.

The eCharge will get you through long lab sessions, fam kickbacks, programming sagas, and anytime where you’ve ever just stopped gloving because you didn’t have new batts.

What people don’t realize yet is that the point of this product is literally to give you the ability to glove when you wouldn’t otherwise be gloving. Not having to worry about wasting disposable batteries will change the way you think about when to glove, as well as how often.

There’s no move you can’t do while wearing an eCharge.

Yes, there are wires. But they’re damn comfy wires, and they move with you. See those awesome pictures of me below? All I did was throw my normal show to the camera, and life was good (yes, I know I’m a great model, thanks for noticing!).

You need that flexibility. Throw your wackiest moves and the eCharge will support you. The base has a silicon pad on the bottom so that the pack stays in place on your hand and keeps the wires in place. Whether you flex your hand or keep it loose, there’s no constriction, just support all the way through.

echarge flexibility freedom to move

I’m sure you’ve still got a ton of questions. I’ll answer one just to get ahead of the game: when you order, YOU GET 2. So the $49.95 price tag includes 2 eCharges and a two-headed charging cable.

Head on over to our product page for the full scoop, or watch the instructions video to see [PM] Rhapsode goof around with it.

I can’t wait to see the waves this thing makes over the next year. Cheers to another awesome step forward in gloving technology!

Alpha out!


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