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The 10 Step Path to IGC Stardom

In light of IGC coming up this Saturday, we decided to conduct some highly intensive research on the gloving community. What we found is that our competitors have all followed this exact 10 step formula to gloving stardom. Study up boys and girls!

Competitor Tickets are sold out, but you’ll need to grab a Spectator Ticket if you want to see the madness that is IGC this Saturday in Santa Ana, CA.

1) You see someone melting face at a show.


2) You go out and buy your first pre-wired set.


3) Take your gloves to a rave and hone your skills.


4) Random glover at the festival tells you to lose the pre-wireds, join the Glover’s Lounge and watch YouTube Videos. After seeing this video 732 times you’re ready.


5) You post your first video to Glover’s Lounge asking for feedback. Facebook mutes the song over copyright issues.


6) You go to your first BOSS tournament and see elite glovers battle it out.


 7) You decide you need a cooler glove set so you ask Glover’s Lounge and proceed to participate in the troll fest.


8) Make it to the later rounds of a local BOSS and battle a future legend. The aftermath is not pretty.


9) You work hard and get your first Featured Light Show.


10) Compete in IGC. You and your crew versus the world.




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