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Jest’s Top 10 Light Shows of Electric Forest Weekend 1

Year after year, Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury Michigan plays host to a gathering of some of the most dedicated and unique flow artists in the Midwest and beyond. The very first time I experienced Electric Forest in 2014, I knew it was something unique. That year I received some of the best light shows in my life. The only regret I have from that year is that I didn’t record the fire.

This year, I came prepared and I now have video evidence of the artists responsible for burning down Electric Forest.

My top 10 favorite light shows from EF 2017 in no particular order…..

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Why Your Ego Is Holding Your Gloving Back

There is something occurring in most of your minds that is hindering your gloving.

We all have a perception of how our art looks to others around us, whether it be positive or negative. With that perception, we construct a portrayal of how we are perceived by others, that we believe to be accurate. This self-perception, that occurs in our minds, is what we call the ego.

Not only is this sense of self-perception completely inaccurate, it is also limiting your ability to grow as a glover. Learning about the ego and the limitations it brings is the first step in the right direction, when finding balance and maximizing the potential in your showmanship.

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igc legends tournament bracket superhero 2015
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Why The IGC 2015 Legends Are Actually Superheroes

The 2015 IGC Legends Bracket this year is entirely stacked with some of the best glovers ever. There are representatives from all over the country facing off, and each one of these guys has earned Superhero status in the gloving community. This year, the Legends Bracket is going to be a battle that will go down in history with Waterloo, Normandy and that time Loki opened a portal over NYC.

The LEGENDS and their superhero alter egos:

[PM] Rhapsode – The Blue Ranger

Fear the words, “It’s morphing time” when it comes to this guy. His digits and dials are creative as can be, but Rhapsode’s true skill comes from his ability to pantomime concepts and create humorous illusions. This power ranger was a favorite to win IGC last year and has only leveled up since.

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Facemelt Crew

Dreams Come True For Members of Facemelt Crew TomorrowWorld

Each day of TomorrowWorld got off to a rainy start, but by afternoon, the climate was cloudy with a high chance of light shows.

The roster, which included names like [3M] Jest from Minnesota, [ST] Torq from Florida and [EF] Vulcan from New York, bonded throughout the festival, and the trading of ideas and concepts between glovers and orbiters took their lights shows to another level.

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Glovers and Orbiters Collide for Massive TomorrowWorld Facemelt Crew

After an unforgettable summer full of flow arts and festivals, orbiter Allazo has challenged the undisputed leader of the orbiting community, [ST] Torq, to a battle at TomorrowWorld. Both members are the only orbiters on this festival’s FaceMelt Crew, which includes glovers like [3M] Jest, [LLB] Starlight and [EF] Vulcan, but their battle has been highly anticipated since Allazo called Torq out on Starlight earlier this month.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.20.33 PM

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(3M) Jest Unlocks The Infinite Movement Theory

When I first met these two Hawaiian glove gods [IM] Puppet and [IM] Mez, their use of “Web Theory” embodied their styles so naturally that I had to rename it for them. I, Jest, do hereby officially dub this the “Infinite Movement Theory.”

This theory is the outline for a very useful, but fairly advanced practice tool. It is to be used in the lab to take your learned moves and sequences, break them down to their bare bones and reconstruct new patterns and combos.

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igc tickets on sale now 2015
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Why You Need to Be at IGC This Year. There will be a Bear.

Yes. YES!

Even though all competitor spots are filled, spectator tickets are on sale right here, right now for only $10.

Why come to IGC if I can’t compete?

Firstly, that’s silly. Just because tickets are sold out doesn’t mean you can’t compete. You just need to get on our waiting list and show up early on the day of the event. To get on the list, you must purchase a spectator ticket first. So there you go!

Secondly, even if you can’t compete, this IGC is literally going to be ridiculous. We’re bringing back all of your favorite events and workshops from last year and stewing up some crazy new stuff, too.

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We Followed Our Sponsors Around Socal for HARD Summer Week and All We Got Were Insane Light Shows


Hello Gloving Universe!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled feature breakdown to bring you a special recap of an amazing week we had with all of our sponsors earlier this month in the days leading up to HARD SUMMER 2015. The spark that ignited this gathering of fire started when [IM] Puppet earned a free trip to HARD, courtesy of Emazinglights, for his success in the Sponsorship Program.

We had so many glovers from so many states all in one place! [GG] Swirlz and [MOB] Vex from Florida, [UV] Flow and [UV] Blastoff Sloth from Seattle, [3M] Jest from Minnesota, [IM] Mez from Hawaii, [PM] Cypher and Tranquil from Socal, the list goes on. It is so insane to think that most of us do not even know each other save for online interaction and a common goal to create a better gloving community, yet when we are all together it feels like a family reunion.

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Face from the Crowd: Allazo the Backflipping Orbiter

Two years ago, when Allazo was serving in the National Guard, he never imagined he would be backflipping on camera as a sponsored orbiter.

While many glovers and orbiters focus on up close and personal details, this Minnesota orbiter combines his orbiting abilities with self-taught hip hop dance moves to create a multi-layer light show. Allazo’s running backflip videos have added a recent buzz to the art of orbiting, which have drawn both praise and criticism from his peers in the orbiting community.

Want to see an orbiter backflip?

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Catch Facemelt Crew Glover Meetups at Hard Summer This Weekend

This is the biggest Facemelt Crew ever. If you’re going to HARD Summer, you absolutely cannot miss getting your face melted by this firey roster of glovers.

Remember, these guys always meet up at the BACK LEFT of the stage. On Saturday, catch them for Tchami at 5:15 p.m. at the Hard Stage, then stay there for Porter Robinson who starts at 8:40 p.m. On Sunday, it’s Mr. Carmack at 4:25 p.m. on the Purple Stage, but when the sun sets, they’re headedback to the Hard Stage for Jack Ü at 8:35 p.m.

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