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The Wizarding World of Light Academy

If you are a glover active in the online community, chances are you’ve heard of or are a member of the infamous Glover’s Lounge. Glover’s Lounge is the biggest gloving based Facebook group with over twenty thousand members. It’s a staggering number, but a recurring trend we see is that a handful of glovers dominate the group with their posts. This got me to thinking: how do we encourage beginners to join the conversation without feeling intimidated by the space?

“Light Academy is a haven for like-minded individuals to share a passion with the notion that all scrutiny will be constructive and considerate.” -Chad Morris

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10 Videos Our Sponsors Watch For Inspiration

This week, we asked our sponsors: what light show do you watch for inspiration?

These are the shows our glovers go to for developing new concepts, combating glovers block or rediscovering flow, and each glover’s answer revealed a lot about his or her mentality as an artist.

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1. [PM] Rhapsode: [IM] Mez- Clockwork Light Show

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The Faces of IGC 2015

Don’t worry, we’ve got full video coverage of IGC coming soon, along with an event recap article, but for now I just wanted to share some amazing photos from our friend Jason Fenmore at Oh Dag Yo Photography.

This guy is a true professional, it takes skill to be able to tell stories through photo the way he does. I’m not sure if gloving has ever been shot so vividly.

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blitzen pre igc promo track bear grillz 2015
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Don’t Miss Blitzen’s DJ Set at IGC

[S>] Blitzen has been in the lab. Well, more like the studio. This gloving idol, who also runs the GetBlitzed project, features a bass heavy sound that will amp everyone up before Bear Grillz hits the stage. Her set starts at 4:30 PM and will be the backdrop for open gloving time during the afternoon.

Buckle up. Give her Pre-IGC promo track a listen.

IGC is tomorrow. Are you ready?

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style over everything igc featured video

Style Over Everything – IGC Light Show

Hello Gloving Universe!!!!!!

Welcome back to my neck of the woods, where we talk a little about the glovers who grace our weekly Sunday Feature Videos. This week there is an absolutely palpable IGC fever in the air, and what a better way to kick off IGC Week than with a group performance by Style Over Everything.

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girls who glove from the shadows maverick blitzen medusa crystals swirlz

Meet the Girls Who Glove – “From The Shadows”

Hello Gloving Universe!

This week we have a rather unique video making its way to your screens, a collaboration between 5 of the best and most well known girl glovers in the game! These girls are some of the heaviest hitters in the scene. Let’s watch this insanely firey video, “From The Shadows,” then get to know them all a little better.

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igc tickets on sale now 2015
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Why You Need to Be at IGC This Year. There will be a Bear.

Yes. YES!

Even though all competitor spots are filled, spectator tickets are on sale right here, right now for only $10.

Why come to IGC if I can’t compete?

Firstly, that’s silly. Just because tickets are sold out doesn’t mean you can’t compete. You just need to get on our waiting list and show up early on the day of the event. To get on the list, you must purchase a spectator ticket first. So there you go!

Secondly, even if you can’t compete, this IGC is literally going to be ridiculous. We’re bringing back all of your favorite events and workshops from last year and stewing up some crazy new stuff, too.

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Catch Facemelt Crew Glover Meetups at Hard Summer This Weekend

This is the biggest Facemelt Crew ever. If you’re going to HARD Summer, you absolutely cannot miss getting your face melted by this firey roster of glovers.

Remember, these guys always meet up at the BACK LEFT of the stage. On Saturday, catch them for Tchami at 5:15 p.m. at the Hard Stage, then stay there for Porter Robinson who starts at 8:40 p.m. On Sunday, it’s Mr. Carmack at 4:25 p.m. on the Purple Stage, but when the sun sets, they’re headedback to the Hard Stage for Jack Ü at 8:35 p.m.

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