Sounds of Sinder: This Week in Glover Jams

What’s up people of the internet! This is DJ Sinder, a.k.a [PLL] Mirage coming at you with some of my favorite gloving tracks of the week. As your new DJ for BOSS, FNL, IGC and pretty much anything gloving related, I’m here to help you all evolve your concepts and style with weekly #SoundsOfSinder: new songs from all different genres of dance, every week.

These songs will always be pre-approved for Facebook, so after you listen to these glover jams, go record a show and post it up with confidence! Use the hashtag #SoundsOfSinder in the lounge for a chance to be featured in next week’s article.

The first song is “Indigo Plateau (Fawks Flip)” by Psychic Type. Before you ask, yes, this is indeed a remix of a Pokemon inspired tune. It’s classified as bass house, which is a growing genre of EDM that combines house beats with fat dubstep leads and occasional trap fills. Some notable points to change tempo to are the misleading intro that incorporates trap-like drums and a breaks-style second drop. Drum variations in a track can be very useful for changing up styles or tempos in a light show. 

Want to listen? See below:

The next tune I want to share with you is “Reasons (Getter Remix)” by Spooky Black. Normally, Getter has a filthy selection of heavy tracks, but here, he decided to slow it down with this chill future bass song. It has beautifully edited vocals that flow in and out of the song with some nice 8-bit effects that give a cool, complex vibe. Getter features smooth futuristic synths with some nice clean 808 kicks and hats that come in nice and crisp towards the second half of the song. This track has a great feel to it and really allows for some great presentation and progression throughout it.

Check it out:


That’s all for this journey into my library of music. Each week, I will showcase new and old songs from all different genres to spice up your gloving playlist. I hope that these pieces open new creative avenues and help expand your skill set and concept range.

Until next time,


[PLL] [CC] Mirage


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