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(PM) Ice Kream Teddy on IGC and Becoming the Most Accomplished Glover in History

With IGC only 9 days away, we caught up reigning champion [PM] Ice Kream Teddy to gain insight on his mentality leading up to the tournament, his thoughts on the competition, and his place in gloving history.

What is your thought process going into this IGC?

I always tell people that it is really all about the thought process when tackling anything. IGC is no different. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been in my abilities, simply because I realized that it doesn’t matter who is sitting in front of me. I have the same opponent every match, my own best show. I am a firm believer that you have to run your own race. You waste brain power by focusing on who you’re facing rather than what you’re throwing.

What makes this IGC different to you than years past?

The talent, for sure. Never before has IGC been so geographically diverse AND so talent heavy at the same time. In years past, it was basically Socal only. Just two years ago, glovers began to travel from out of state. Last year it took an even bigger step with [S >] Parrot winning an Open Bracket, proving that you don’t have to be from here to succeed. I truly feel that this tournament will have some of the best glovers in the history of the scene, and I hope the place doesn’t burn down from all the fire thrown.

ice kream teddy pm igc 2014 champion

Teddy was crowned champion of the IGC ’14 Legends Tournament after taking down (Ayo?) Boo, (Ayo?) Mimik, [PM] Gambit and (Ayo?) Mumbles, in that order.

Do you have a routine going into a big tournament like this?

Absolutely not. My only usual rule is to always get a good night’s sleep before competing, but with my schedule and obligations, that will not be possible. As far as a gloving routine, I repeat… absolutely not. I realized a long time ago that the secret to winning in any type of competition is your ability to adapt to change without notice.

Everything around you is constantly changing. Every round there is a different opposing glover or different genre than I am used to. It could be a new venue with an unfavorable crowd, but my focus has always been on remaining alert and factoring in everything I can as I walk into the building that day.

Who in the field are you nervous about?

As cocky as this sounds, I am not nervous about a single person on that Legends Bracket roster. That has nothing to do with who the glovers are or who I am. That has to do with the focus I centered myself around and the mentality that I am doing my best to maintain. That said, I am very eager to face Jest and get my rematch from our Sponsor Battle during HARD Summer week. I also really want to face my mini-me, [ION] Vex, and my co-worker and [PM] brother, Cypher, because I know they both want the match just as bad as I do.

Where do you think all our competition judges come from? As head judge, Teddy gets these guys and girls out, certifies them, and coordinates them throughout all our competitions.

Where do you think all our competition judges come from? As head judge, Teddy gets these awesome guys and girls together, certifies them, and manages them at all official BOSS and IGC competitions.

What are your goals for this IGC?

Prepare yourself, this is going to sound incredibly self centered and vain, but it is the truth. My goal is to become the most accomplished glover in history. Now, before I get into the details… please note that I am not saying you have to be the best to have fun gloving. But, since I have this unique opportunity in front of me, I am going to take it.

There is no way to really determine a “best glover in the world” in a complete sense, aside from competition. I have won more BOSS titles than any other glover. I have finished in the top 4 of IGC more times than any other glover. And, I have been in more finals matches than any glover in history. The one thing eluding that resume is a second IGC title to truly become the most accomplished glover in history. If I can do it back-to-back, that just adds icing to the cake. I’m a chaser of the impossible, and right now, I’m sprinting with a full head of steam.

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