Outlaw: Gloving’s Endless Story

Ever since I was picked up by the Emazing sponsorship program, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel the country learn all about the best glovers and their styles in person.I take great pleasure in visiting and experiencing new scenes and meeting the glovers that I often only see through a computer screen. Two weeks ago I was able to go to Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, and I had the pleasure to finally meet the Outlaw.


It had been nearly a year and a half since I first learned of the the DMVs prodigal son and, although he was the only member of the sponsorship program that I hadn’t met in person, we had spoken quite a bit before the fest. I felt like I knew him already, even before we met. Socially, he is as laid back and reserved as they come, but when he puts the gloves on his persona quickly morphs into chaotic and aggressive one, countered by equal amounts of intelligence and purpose.

At Imagine Festival, I was fortunate enough to witness about an hours worth of his shows in person, and I hope to be able to convey the power and emotion of his style in words. He has an innate understanding of how his hands can change poses and move through space, and uses hand independence as well as cause and effect concepts to their fullest potential. Using an insanely slow speed he builds suspense within his show, and then rapidly shifts into sharp aggressive actions that leave you in a blur. He’s able to use massive amounts of space in his show and uses this to force a change in perspective while still maintaining the same moves. His knowledge of cause and effect is unparalleled, and he is able to actively switch which hand is the cause and which is the effect. His mix of body language and suggestive gesture added on top of his algorithmic freestyle creates concept chains that are like endless stories, books that you could never finish.

Outlaw is the No Man’s Sky of gloving.

The most important thing I noticed about Mike was his attitude. His humility, enthusiasm, and determination was infectious. These qualities, and his love for the connections he’s made through gloving are why he has become such a huge inspiration to the gloving community.


I look forward to the next time we meet~


Written by Joshua Pilla AKA Jest


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