New Concept: Clusters (AKA 9-Point-Grid-Isolations)

See my new video tutorial on the hand poses for the 9 point iso grid (AKA Clusters)!

What are Clusters?

This emerging new concept style is similar to finger stacking and dialing,  with the main difference being the number of fingers involved. Dials typically are done using 2 fingers rotating around and stacking together. In “Clusters,” you may use any number between 3 and 10 (or more if you have a doubles partner) fingers to create point-of-contact shapes, or “connect the dots” grid structures. Once you find a shape that you like, you can manipulate it on a much smaller scale, and with more precision than with similar dial moves.

Who Invented the 9-Point Iso-Grid?

There are a few individuals who have been making strides in pioneering this new movement style –

Pilgrim is credited with coming up with the “four corners” concept that lead him and Cushman to push into 4 point cluster concepts
Pinky is credited with the 7 point flower/spindle cluster (see gif)


The Heeter Bros (John & Quinn) get the credit for creating the 9 point cube, Which was heavily expanded on by myself (Jest) and Clum-Z

Grid Point Isolations are the logical next step in light show digit techniques because it takes a 2-dimensional concept and applies it to a 3D grid. Dial and finger stack concepts skim the surface of this grid-based light show style. By applying the units of length determined by the ratios of your fingers and hands, you can begin to construct this grid in your mind. You can move across this grid in the same fashion as any other digit or dial, but this time with more options. Try it out and see what you can come up with!

Written By:
[3M] Jest


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