(MOB) Vex The Glover Vault Light Show

[MOB] Vex: “The Glover Vault” – Featured Video Breakdown by Ice Kream Teddy

Hello Gloving Universe!

Welcome to Issue #3 of my Video Breakdown Series. Today, we go into the vault, or rather, [MOB] Vex goes into the vault to recreate three shows from the 3 different glovers who have inspired him along his journey to the Gloving Olympia: Ayo? Trippz’s 1st “Matrix” Light Show, My “Tropical Paradise” Light show and Vixen’s “Custom” light show. Three very different styles, and yet the young Jedi has managed to capture all three, while putting his own spin on with finesse.

Songs Used:

Britney Spears – Toxic (Melanie Martineze Cover)

Krewella – Cant Control Myself (Candyland Remix)

Law – At Night

Since the songs were based on the original videos, let’s focus on Vex’s interpretation of each on instead. The first song starts off with an very soft guitar opening and even softer vocals. Vex keeps with the tempo of the song, building anticipation. This song is unique in that it doesn’t drop all at once, but gradually falls, adding one or two sounds at a time, and builds with the song.

Contrary to song #1, the song from my Tropical Paradise video was much more hard hitting with a lot going on throughout the track. Again, I really want to point out Vex’s attention to the vocals here, so many glovers miss out on opportunities of musicality by focusing on the beat alone….not this glover!

And finally, the third song comes in and sort of brings you back to earth as a viewer, then shoots you on to an entirely different planet. Vex’s transition does no less than the same. For this part he is right in the camera, really plays with his depth perception which goes very well with all of the hollow sounds on this track.


Chroma36 Color Sets Used:

1st set- All Strobe except for Hyperstrobe thumbs

Pointer: Pi H, Ltb H, B

Middle: Y H, Org H, B

Ring: Pi H, Lav H, B

Pinky: Pur H, Turq H, B

Thumbs: Pi H, Turq H, Y H


2nd set- All Strobe

Pointer/ring: Ltb H, Coral M, B

Middle/pinky: Ltb H, By H, B

Thumbs: Ltb H, Coral M, B


3rd set- All Strobe

Pointer: Pur H, B, B

Middle: Ltb H, B, B

Ring: Pur H, B, B

Pinky: Lav H, B, B

Thumbs: Ltb H, B, B

Now, I know that was a lot of colors to look at, so let’s break them down, shall we? First of all, I would like to really commend Vex on his ability to recreate these sets. All of these shows were shot with discontinued glove sets, so it really took some creativity to keep the original sets, while still freshening them up at the same time. As with the songs used, Vex alters his style to suit each set, and really manipulates the flashing patterns.


  1. M-U-S-I-C-A-L-I-T-Y – I can not stress this enough, musicality makes or breaks the show every single time. And these shows might as well been made out of musical reinforced steel with concrete blocks. Notice how every move is comfortably timed to express the emotion of every single sound used throughout almost the entire show. He is not just moving on beat, it looks as if he is conducting an electrical orchestra via flashing strobes.
  2. Even though this entire show is meant to pay homage and emulate other glovers, Vex never ever forgets to be himself. Everything he recreates is done with his own spin, not copied to a T. That is how you truly become a unique glover and begin to form your own ideas. If you train your brain to always improve on what is in front of you instead of just absorb it, eventually it will become a habit.
  3. The last thing I want to give notoriety to about this video is the creativity of the entire scenario and the fantastic execution. This has not really been done before and required a lot of preparation, editing (thank you, Camera Guy!), and dissection. Vex had the idea to put three of his inspirations into one video and had the ability to pull what he needed from each to create this masterpiece. Well done!



Okay, I think I am getting pretty wordy at this point so I’ll keep this last part short and sweet. Vex is an absolute machine and monster all rolled into one and really displays it for the world to see with this show. Three sets, three songs, three very different styles, and three very different Vex-original shows. Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and create something entirely new.

See you in the Legends Bracket at IGC, Vex.


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