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There Are Glovers in the Philippines. Check Out Their First Tournament!

My initial plan was to go to the Philippines and wow the locals with my light magic. Turns out I was a more than a little late to the party! There was already an established gloving scene in Manila, and some glovers had as much as 3 years of face melting experience.

As a testament to gloving’s progress in the Philippines, URBN Nightclub and Rave N’ Flow in Manila hosted the first ever major gloving competition in the Philippines and possibly the first tournament outside of North America.

32 glovers come together to test their mettle against one another in the MNL Lights Gloving Competition. I hailed from Toronto, Canada and was given a spot in the tournament, making it a truly International Gloving Competition.

It wasn’t surprising that gloving is starting to catch on in the Philippines, over 7,000 miles and an ocean away from where it all began in California.

Dance is a huge part of Filipino culture. There are so many traditional dances that I can’t even try to list them here. Suffice it to say that if there was a music playing in the delivery room, you better believe the baby was dancing its way out.

The MNLights Gloving Competition was a huge success. The tournament brought together many of the top glovers from the Philippines and gave them an arena to show their stuff!

You can watch some of the later rounds here.


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