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Meet the Girls Who Glove – “From The Shadows”

Hello Gloving Universe!

This week we have a rather unique video making its way to your screens, a collaboration between 5 of the best and most well known girl glovers in the game! These girls are some of the heaviest hitters in the scene. Let’s watch this insanely firey video, “From The Shadows,” then get to know them all a little better.

[iD] Crystals

The Digital Vixen. Allow me to introduce you to the girl with some of the most alien fingers in the game. Hailing from Palos Verdes, CA, she’s been gloving for quite a few years and has been in the rave scene since she was a teenager. If you ask Crystals what she is all about, there is probably going to be a “Dubstep and light shows” in her response. She joined the Facemelt Crew for Hard Summer earlier this year, and has been in the lab since for IGC. Digits, beauty and brawn? Triple threat, no question.

[Team E] Blitzen

This girl really needs no introduction, but I am going to give her one anyway. After leaving Socal to attend college in Chicago, she began to grow and foster a community there that has been thriving ever since. After first being “discovered” at UMF 2011 by Team E, she has done nothing but grow both as a glover and as a community leader and has become by far the most recognized female glover, and one of the top inspirations for the national gloving scene. Her incredible flow and insane style really have no bounds, and she has always given her shows an unmatched flare.

[PM] Maverick

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, the everlasting Captain Maverick. Any of you that know her know that this video was incredibly fitting for her, since she has always been in the shadows, behind the scenes and pulling the strings. She has been an integral part of the PuppetMasters Phamily (Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) since she tried out in November 2010. Her light shows are a true one-of-a-kind experience. She focuses on the theatrical allure that comes from using palms and only a few lights on her fingers to conjure and play back and forth. If you find her at an event and want to see something you’ve never seen before, ask her for a show. You can find her at the trap stage.


It’s too bad Medusa wasn’t a goddess of the sea, otherwise I could make some awesome pun about how many waves Medusa is making in the scene today. Well, I guess I just did anyway. Heh. After getting her first pair of gloves in 2011, this shy little face melting monster has finally come out of her shell. She also joined the Facemelt Crew at Hard Summer this year. Her style is highly influenced by a lot of the Socal sponsors, most notably of which would be her mentor [PM] Cypher. If you are coming to IGC, be sure to say hi to her. Also, she doesn’t really like dubstep, but don’t hold that against her like I do.

[NL] Swirlz

Last but not least, we have Swirlz, A.K.A. Swirly Bird A.K.A. Izzy A.K.A. Miss 305 (Okay I made the last one up, but I’m sure it will stick). Swirlz hails all the way from Sunny Miami, FL and traveled out here to Socal to be a part of the Hard Summer crew. She has also competed in Miami BOSS and is a driving force in the #305Movement, also known as the Miami Gloving Scene. Swirly’s flow has so much attitude it is like she is smiling and scowling at you at the same time, and you are totally okay with it.

Catch all of these awesome girls in two weeks at IGC on October 10. That is, after you ice down your eyes from watching this fire video, of course.


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