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Lights On! Swaps Fan Voting for Fully Judged Format

Since we announced the “Lights On!” competition a few weeks ago, there’s been one common concern that has come up–the competition being a popularity contest. We heard you loud and clear and we’re making the changes you’ve asked for.

We’ve made the decision to shift towards a fully-judged format where fan-voting has 0 influence in who advances. We can all agree that it doesn’t matter how popular or low-key of a glover you are–the IGC scorecard should & will determine who advances through all rounds. Thanks to, season 1’s panel of judges will include Ice Kream Teddy (Corey DeFeo), Tangles (Morgan Stangle), and Vincent Van Flow (Vincent Mauro).


Previously, we formatted it the way we did because we wanted to balance bringing excitement to the current community with introducing new people to gloving via voting. Unfortunately, you were not as excited about the idea as we were, and that’s okay. We’re here to work together with you guys to build an experience that we can all be happy with, and something that will push competitive gloving further than it’s ever been before. We’re also glovers ourselves after all.

With this change, we still see a lot of positives for gloving in general:

  • Providing an opportunity for anyone in the world to access this large of a competition
  • Providing a competition with an amount of prize money that hasn’t been seen before ($2,500+ cash prizes)
  • Using a trusted and balanced panel of judges for the entire competition
  • Testing and refining our competition platform to run even more seasons of “Lights On!” for more and more prize money throughout the year–this is just the beginning of what’s to come for online gloving competitions from us!

We hope you’re as excited about this new direction in competitive gloving as much as we are, and hope to see many of you participate in the largest online gloving competition to date. Due to this large change within the competition format, we are extending our deadline one last time to give everyone a fair chance to participate. You have now through Wednesday, July 12 to submit your entry!

For those who haven’t entered yet, we have already chosen 32 of the top 64, so be sure to get your entry in on time to be considered for a spot in the finals. Be sure to follow the rules & guidelines stated on

For those who have already entered the competition, there is nothing that needs to happen from your end. We are still reviewing all videos and selecting those who we deem worthy to be in the top 64. The only difference now is that you will not need to rely on fan-voting in any way to progress through the competition.

Ultimately, we want you to be happy with the competition, and that means learning what will actually work, together. This means balancing what you want with what’s available for us to work with right now. Just like the classic BoSS competitions that we all know and love, it was a work in progress for some time before it got to a state where we were all happy. We hope to do the same with online competitions, and it all starts with “Lights On!“.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this competition or any of our plans for future competitions, shoot us a message. We’re listening!



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