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Jest’s Top 10 Light Shows of Electric Forest Weekend 1

Year after year, Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury Michigan plays host to a gathering of some of the most dedicated and unique flow artists in the Midwest and beyond. The very first time I experienced Electric Forest in 2014, I knew it was something unique. That year I received some of the best light shows in my life. The only regret I have from that year is that I didn’t record the fire.

This year, I came prepared and I now have video evidence of the artists responsible for burning down Electric Forest.

My top 10 favorite light shows from EF 2017 in no particular order…..

Alex Chavez aka Kaleidoscope

One of the homiest of homies. It was a blessing spending the weekend camped out with this talented human being. Every night came camp home to safety meetings and light shows. This man is a festival Genie.

Evan Clark aka Diddy

This turtle came into the radar around almost two years ago. Watching him develop and learn has been a blessing. Kindred talents such as him give gloving purpose. This young turtle has blossomed from a pure innocent inspired bean into a full fledged face melting world-tortoise.

TK Deeb aka Pun Pun

I honestly Don’t know what to write about this guy that isn’t a paragraph full of Puns. It was punderful (sorry) to meet him in such a magical setting as Electric Forest. Definitely one of the most anticipated shows I got all weekend.

Michael Horvath aka Folly Turtle

One of my oldest friends in the gloving community, Folly is one of the few people who knows what this art is really about: self-improvement and constant learning. It was a blast watching him level up and become the CGI Champion, and it was a blast to spend another Forest with my favorite Turtle.

Jake Schommer aka Allazo

Allazo is the man. Nobody. Man, woman, child, human or alien takes FACEMELT to this level. His talent is only rivaled by his enthusiasm. His enthusiasm is infectious. He spins and flows in many forms and still has enough energy to do back flips…watch this mad man wreck this poor unsuspecting festival goer with not one, but TWO orbit setups.

Dylan Rivera aka Jigsaw

I caught up with the homie Jigsaw from [Team Photon] during Space Mom’s (Rezz) set at the Tripolee Stage. I had to record this fire show and send it to Morgan Stangle (Tangles) because the combo of REZZ and her [PHO] fam is too good to pass up.

Cristian Rojas aka Floshi

Here is another example of someone who I’ve had a long gloving history with. I always run into this dude at festivals, and he always melts my face.

Ben Martin aka BenDabbin 

BenDabbin is the safest bet for a solid FaceMelt when you’re wandering around Electric Forest, so safe he is the safety captain! This Bropalman knows the correct portal to cluster ratio to get that face bubbling right. Here is a Teleport MASSIVE light show during Bassnectar at Electric Forest 2017!

Alex Nesbit aka Nezmoreyes

3M Nezmoreyez is a Minnesota based up-and-comer in the gloving community. He was blessed with an opportunity to rep the FaceMelt Crew during the first weekend of Electric Forest 2017, and when he got the chance, he took off running, facemelting everyone within a 300 yard radius. This guy has so much passion for gloving, and it’s both infectious and inspiring. It is also notable to say that he was welcomed into the Turtle Family as a new member of TLNT after a trade with the founding turtle himself, Folly Turtle!

Cypher (a group, not PMCypher the glover lol)

Flow artist order: Adrian Twist (Twist) [LNL] Alex Nesbit (Nezmoeyez) Neil Merchant (Phozee) David Millman (Scout) Miles O’Malley (Tails) Ryan Harper (Frost) Marcello Masseran (Cello) Joshua Pilla (Jest)Austin Hardel (Stacks) Andrew Lawyer Nik McCurren Ben Martin (Bendabbin)

This cypher wasn’t easy! After many takes and technical difficulties the first day, we finally met and got this video recorded during Jai Wolf at Sherwood Court! Lots of talent in this video!

Electric Forest is one of my absolute favorite places to give light shows! If we ran into each other week one, please reach out! I would love to connect. I know this is titled top 10 light shows, but i have included one of my own as well. Please enjoy this light show I recorded for the Super Smash Glovers Melee Online Competition in the Good Life Village in front of the Morph Mobile on the final morning before leaving. That was a beautiful sunrise. Thank you for reading!



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