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IGC Returns 2018: Online Format & $10,000 Grand Prize

The International Gloving Championship has been a staple in the world of gloving & light shows since its inception in 2011. We’ve run IGC once per year here in Southern California, which brought roughly 500-800 people on average, and offered up some of the largest amounts of prize money to be offered in competitive light shows.

Our mission for gloving has always been to pioneer and pave the way for professional light shows via competitions for everyone across the world. This year, the tough decision was made to take a step back from IGC in-person competitions, so that we could really build the foundation we need to get to that mission.

We had to accept that running an event that only 500-800 people could access per year was not the best way to provide an “international” experience to the entire gloving population that exists out there. We had to accept the cold hard truth that we are not good in-person competition organizers. We had to accept there were concerns across the board year after year–legitimacy behind the judging, things not staying on schedule or meeting expectations, limited access to glovers around the world due to distance, work, school, etc., along with a list we could all go on and on with.

What does all of this mean? What happens now?

We are restructuring how we run competitions in general–that includes in-person and online competitions, along with an event that will draw light show artists from all around the world into one place for a night of epic trades and memories to be made. The full details around all of these things will be made available on Gloving.com over the next few months, but let me give you some initial details.


BoSS In-Person Competitions – Unlimited & Counts Towards Gloving.com Rankings
We understand the importance of local in-person competitions based on the feedback we’ve seen in the community and want to help expand on that. We are working on organizing all of the information needed to help different communities around the world run their own BoSS competitions. We’d love to fly everywhere to throw these ourselves if we could, but we are just a small team that needs your help in making this happen. The results of these competitions will tie into the “Legends” bracket for IGC 2018. We will be working with different regional competition coordinators to organize these. Stay tuned in 2018 for information on how you can help us coordinate competitions, and help spark up in-person competitions around the nation again.

LIGHTS ON_Full logo

Lights On! Online Competitions – Year-Round & Growing in Capacity and Prize Money
We dream of the day where tens of thousands of competitors can face off against each other from across the world month after month. We’ve spent a lot of this year laying the groundwork for what we believe to be the start of providing a truly “international” competitive experience. We began developing an online competition that could really grow season after season, month after month, and year after year. We’re building up the experience we need to seamlessly run online competitions with hundreds of brackets–not just 1 or 2.

You’ve seen the start of this with Lights On!, which is scheduled to have even more brackets and cash prizes in the upcoming seasons. Winners from Lights On! seasons will also tie into the “Legends” bracket for IGC. Think of Lights On! as the “regular season” that leads into the “Super Bowl of Gloving”!


IGC 2018 – Up to 1,024 Competitors and $10,000 Grand Prize
The core purpose of IGC is to crown and celebrate 1 victorious glover per year–a glover who can outlast their opponents in the most prestigious competition in the history of gloving.

We are moving the competition online for the foreseeable future to finally provide the truly “international” experience we’ve been aiming for all these years. The online competition will kick off in August 2018 with a $10,000 grand prize. Stay tuned to Gloving.com for details.

There is no doubt that a lot of the beauty of IGC lies within the experiences we’re able to make with our friends that we come to see once a year–the epic trades, meeting our favorite glovers, the after parties, and more. The competition was a backdrop for all of these things to happen. We understand that and want to continue to provide a way for all of that to still be possible. The competition related costs took up more resources than we could safely handle each year ($40-$50K loss per year), but the gathering of glovers & other light show artists in one place is something that we’ve proven we can do, which leads us to FlowCon 2018 in Las Vegas.


FlowCon Las Vegas 2018 – Social Event for up to 1,000 Flow Artists & Open To Entire Community
This is where all light show artists will unite. This is where you will get to meet your favorite glovers from around the world. This is the massive gathering where you create unforgettable memories with your friends!

The night before EDC 2018, the entire EmazingLights team along with its top sponsors will be hosting a 1,000-capacity event at the Luxor Hotel including music, full bars, gloving, orbiting, flow arts, and a dedicated time for notable figures in the community and other companies to have their time to shine as well–yes, we’d like to collaborate with the other companies to create an exciting agenda! We will also be providing discounted rates for those who book their hotel in advance. Please stay tuned to Gloving.com for more details over the next several months.

When we step back and take a look at these things, this is what we view as true progress towards the mission we set out for 7 years ago, and we hope you do too.


Davis “Skittles” Duong
Brand Manager, EmazingLights.com


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