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IGC 2016 Legends – Vote for your Community Legends


IGC Legends 2016 Bracket consists of 16 Competitors who will be competing for a $2500 Cash Grand Prize (+ a few extras).

NOTE: IF YOU ARE VOTING BELOW, PAGE NUMBERS ARE TEMPORARILY BROKEN. There are 21 Community Legends. You can look through more than the first 10 of them using the “Sort” dropdown button.

First up, I want to congratulate our first FIVE CONFIRMED IGC 2016 Legends, the winners of 2016’s 5 Official BOSS Tournaments.

  1. Conversion – Yordan Espinosa (Miami BOSS I)
  2. Moon – Joe Dede (Chicago BOSS I)
  3. Vex – Jacob Zakarian (SoCal BOSS I)
  4. Infinite – Andres Lenis (Miami BOSS II)
  5. Materia – Evan Dallas (Chicago BOSS II)

These guys were some of the best of the year in a year with little room for error to qualify so congrats!

But those are only 5 spots and there’s still 11 Legends Spots left.

This is how you can qualify for them:

  1. 6 Slots for IGC 2016 Open Bracket Contestants. 4 will be winners of their 64-man section. The 4 runners up of each 64-man section will go head to head for the last 2 Legends spots. Buy Competitor Tix here.
  2. 5 Slots for BOSS Competition Winners named above
  3. 4 Slots voted on by the community. Nominees picked from the largest community competitions of the year! You can vote on this in this post below.
  4. 1 Slot TBA

Below you’ll find the potential Legends from Qualification Method #3, the Community Tournament Winners.

These are your IGC 2016 Community Legend Nominees. Vote for the communities you think most deserve a nominee in the Legends bracket.

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Contest Ended
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