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Glovers to Fear in the 128 Man IGC Open Tournament

While the IGC Legends Bracket year is as stacked as ever, the Open Tournament hosts a fair share of light show monsters, too.

The Open Tournament consists of two 64-man Swiss Style tournaments. The winner of each tournament gets a spot in the main event, the Legends Bracket, where they will face 14 Legends who have each won previous BOSS or IGC competitions in a single elimination bracket.

The competition will be intense, and the trades will be hot fire. Whether they are coming from out-of-state or representing the IGC homeland of Southern California, these 5 glovers are ones to keep an eye on.

[NL] TriggaHappy

Coming all the way across the country from New York, Trigga is sure to bring his East Coast brand of heat to California. Blessed with astounding musicality and flow abound, this glover won’t be taken down without a fight. TriggaHappy wants that trophy shining in the BeastCoast, and he has the tech game to do it.


[ION] Slayer

Representing sunny California, Slayer wants to make sure the homeland retains its honor. With whips and flails so sweet you can taste them, Slayer plans on murdering the competition without so much as a blink. Ice runs through this kid’s veins, as he will calmly dispatch anyone in his way.

[LIT] Compton

A windy city man, Compton’s flow and circles remind me of good old-fashioned air-bending. His trails leave you begging for more, and he hopes to make Chicago the home of the newest IGC champ. If you look away for a second, Compton already beat you.

[CC] Serj

Another California nightmare, Serj has every reason to believe that the trophy will rest on his shelf for the next year. A clean tutter with creative digits to boot, Serj is no slouch. The tech game is strong with this one. I would shake in my boots if I were matched up with him.

[IM] Puppet

Not much needs to be said about this man. Hailing from the faraway land of Hawaii, Puppet is THE all-around glover. Musicality, tech, flow, whips, he has it all. With a goal in mind and a glint in his eye, Puppet is hungry for an IGC win. Glovers lose sleep over about being matched up with this freak of nature.


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