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Glovers and Orbiters Collide for Massive TomorrowWorld Facemelt Crew

After an unforgettable summer full of flow arts and festivals, orbiter Allazo has challenged the undisputed leader of the orbiting community, [ST] Torq, to a battle at TomorrowWorld. Both members are the only orbiters on this festival’s FaceMelt Crew, which includes glovers like [3M] Jest, [LLB] Starlight and [EF] Vulcan, but their battle has been highly anticipated since Allazo called Torq out on Starlight earlier this month.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.20.33 PM

The battle between Allazo and Torq represents a clash of styles, and their meeting at TomorrowWorld will spotlight two very different styles of orbiting. Allazo’s rise through the orbiter ranks is well documented. He has been orbiting for less than a year and is known for his absurd running back-flip orbit videos.


Meanwhile, Torq has been orbiting for nearly a decade. The 8-year veteran, known for his crisp, yet delicate flow, has done more for orbiting than any other individual to date. The guy literally made his first orbit from the day he started. His concepts, which incorporate elements from gloving like conjuring, have become the standard for some of the advanced orbiting you see today. Speaking the truth, Allazo learned from watching videos of Torq. But that didn’t stop any of the trash talk.


In the lead up to the festival, Torq took jabs at Allazo’s lack of orbiting fundamentals.

Jake, I can’t wait to watch you attempt to fumble through an orbit show in this “battle,” if we can even call it that. I will show you all your moves but better. Then, I’ll teach you how to actually orbit, as I proceed to leave your brain and face all over the TomorrowWorld grounds.

– [ST] Torq

Allazo’s responses have been just plain crude.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.50.57 PM

The playful build up between the two orbiters is one of many reasons to be excited for the FaceMelt Crew at TomorrowWorld. With the list of names below, we can’t wait to see what unfolds.

TomorrowWorld 2015 Facemelt Crew Roster
  • Allazo
  • Aikido
  • [ST] Torq
  • [NL] Detour
  • [ST] Fresh Squeezed
  • [VT] Monsoon
  • [FYI] Vulcan
  • [4D] Gumby
  • [TLNT] Lumos
  • [LLB] Starlight
  • [3M] Jest
  • [4D] Motion


If you’re going to TomorrowWorld, definitely catch these guys at a meetup! The crew will be at the back left of these stages, look for the “Free Glowjobs” totem.

The crew will be at the back left of these stages, look for the "Free Glowjobs" totem!


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