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Swirlz – Dark Abyss Gloving Light Show – Breakdown by Ice Kream Teddy

Hello Gloving Universe!

It’s time to get dark and sunny at the same time. This week’s breakdown features the 305 Queen of Steez, [NL] Swirlz. For those of you that have not yet seen this girl glove, she exudes confidence with every motion and her fluid whip-n-tunnel style compliments that attitude to a tee.

This show is a change of pace compared to the recent feature videos we have been putting out. This show is all heart and soul and you can really tell that she is really just letting it out. I could not think of a more tangible representation for what gloving has done for all of us. I’m sure you will relate once you hit play.

Song Used: “Submission” – Josh Pan & Kuma

I have traded with Swirlz a few times since I met her at EDC Las Vegas 2014, and the second that I heard the intro to this song, I immediately knew it was a perfect song to mesh with her style. Glitchy beats over a chill and groovy track, and the vocal samples throughout the video really add as well. Swirlz does a great job accentuating those at various points, most notably at the beginning around 0:22 and 2:15 when the rap lyrics come into the track.


  1. First thing I want to talk about it something I eluded to in the intro, Swirlz’s attitude in this show. This is a perfect example that you don’t need to be incredibly intricate or overly technical to put on a good show. Yes, there is some finger tutting and box tutting in there, but the main focus of this show, her “center” if you will, the passion in this show. You can see confidence beaming out of her, and there is no question that she is just having fun with this show.
  2. LIQUID, LIQUID, LIQUID. With IGC looming, I think we should just address the fact that there are some awesome gloving liquid moves going on in this video. Now, please note that I am referring to gloving liquid. I am in no way saying that this is liquid dance, totally different concept. Now, disclaimer aside, gloving liquid is about delicacy. It is about turning your hands into…well…”not hands” in any way. Watch this show carefully, and try to count how many times her hands take on different forms.


Sorry not sorry that I keep saying this but, THIS SHOW IS JUST PLAIN FUN. There is nothing but good energy here, and Swirlz seems so confident coming out of the shadows to blow her audience’s mind. I see so many newer glovers stressing over perfection and forgetting to just have fun with their shows, nobody had to tell that to Swirlz!!!!!

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to come out and trade with Swirlz and tons of other beast glovers from all over the nation at IGC on October 10. Still got some spectator tickets on deck!


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