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Doc is one of the newest Emazinglights Sponsors for Orbiting. Even though he’s new, he quickly built a reputation as one of the most technical & quick learning individuals we have on the team, teaching us a few new tricks as he came along. Since then he’s been making heavy moves and honing his craft, with next week being slotted for his 2nd takeover of LED Anniversary VI as part of the Facemelt Crew.  We invited him in to film his first feature, and try out a few new designs we had been working on. Here’s what he had to say:

Who are you, and where did you come from?

My name is Devin Magnusson; I’m 20 years old, and from Vista CA. I’ve lived here for pretty much all of my life. I’ve moved around here and there but I haven’t left the city. Before I even started doing flow arts I was an all-styles dancer, with my main focuses being krump/house dance. Some of my favorite types of music are House & Future Bass, but now I’m really getting into Trance after i went to Dreamstate in SoCal last November. 

That explains the music choice for your Featured Performance, how long have you been into Orbiting?

So my feature is almost like my one year video, seeing as I started orbiting last February after one of my close friends “Laukai” had given me a show with one and let me try it out. I fell in love after the first wrap. From that point, I practiced improving my skills for a team called Facemelters United, or “FU”. Once I made FU I just kept pushing myself to get better. Whenever I would get stuck I would swap to glove a little, I also spun a little bit of poi but I always came back to orbiting. The song for my video was chosen because I love spinning to future bass. It was a quick video but I do prefer the simple one-shot types, They really make you step out of your comfort zone.

In your video you’re rocking the new all-white Zero, did you like it with the Spectras?

I don’t normally use the motion setting on my orbit, seeing as how I make specific color sets that don’t really need it, plus it keeps me from having to worry about colors looking out of place during my show if that makes sense. But my favorite part of the spectra’s is how much I can fine tune my color sets, and more importantly my flashing patterns The color set for this video is really random, I wanted something unique so I used one of my favorite colors “LensFlare” and a few others to create a ghost trail effect with the orbit, and it was so easy with the solid white Zero since it helps the colors glow a little more. It was fun trying out the new casings when I visited the studio


How was it getting to try out the new product before it gets released?

Honestly, it feels amazing, the ability to live so close to a company who makes your hobby possible is awesome. They have a super cool team of employees who share the same passion that I and my friends have for Orbiting. Sean, the Orbit Sponsor Manager really pushes me to step out of my comfort zone. Like the time when I was told I would be doing a live showcase for the entire EL HQ office at their office party, it was a little nerve-racking but it was all to get me ready to perform in front of an even bigger crowd for our Orbiting Tournament at IGC.

Very cool. How can new Orbiters learn moves like the ones you do?

I feel right now the online community is the best bet. I really enjoy groups like Starlight – A Space for Orbiters. It’s the biggest community for Orbiters online and has helped a lot of people learn & grow, people like my friend Vince. I met him at Dreamstate back in November, and to see where he is now is crazy compared to when he started earlier this year. Another great group is called the Orbit Lab, its more focused on Tutorials & Feedback than Starlight, which makes it a great place to learn. These groups are ideal for those who are shy to Orbit at a festival or club

Who are some of your inspirations, any shout outs?

Some of my inspirations include but are not limited to: Matt Ho, AKA Tracer, Cyclops, MALLO, Codyscreams, Puddles, Koru, Laukai, Pharaoh, and so many more.  These guys have all pushed me to become a better orbiter and getting to lab with them in person or just speaking to them online give me that much drive to improve. My team FU is a big inspiration too, we’re like a big family and we all support each other in competitions or give feedback to help each other improve. I wouldn’t take back a single minute that I’ve spent on orbiting

Check out Doc taking over LED Anniversary next week with the rest of the Facemelt Crew, and follow his channels for more fire light shows!
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