Florida Glovers Unite for Miami BOSS

“Glovers give me a smile when you are ready!” …These were the words I heard as I smiled anxiously walking across the room. I knew everyone was ready, but was I? I carefully watch as I saw a group of glovers breathe in deeply while the others yelled out their team names for support. You could feel the crowd’s energy in the air. I gripped my scoreboard tightly, nervous of what could be this year’s outcome. I remember seeing a glimpse of a pink flamingo dancing around in a corner. I caught myself chuckling at it and turned my head to see Mary laughing about it as well. From that point on, I knew this Miami BOSS was going to be one for the record books. With many unexpected guests from out of state like Blitzen, Brian Lim and Krusty, I knew that many glovers were anxiously awaiting for this day.


“It was my first competition, it was really fun and motivated me to want to practice and improve” – Zachery Diaz

It’s really true what they say about gloving, having the power to unite people from all over the world together. This Miami BOSS was unique because we had glovers from not only California, but as well as New York show up to throw down with the best of what Miami had to offer. The energy flowing through the room was incredible – everyone checked their egos at the door and you could see every glover’s enthusiasm to just be apart of this amazing event. This BOSS was about bringing out the best in every glover, and that’s exactly what happened.


“I enjoyed seeing people all show up in one place doing what they love and even traveling distances for it. It’s all about having fun because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point” – Hugo Castillo

Miami BOSS was also about the underdogs this year. We saw many incredible glovers with huge talent command the stage and it didn’t matter who they were. One glover who stood out in my mind was Oh Bleep!, a glover who flew in under the radar and made it to the Top 8. In addition to the underdogs, there were a couple of other competitors who finessed their way into the Top 8 victory including: Jango, Grizzly, Conversion, Bojangles, Infinite, Terminator and Lil Homie. Each of these individuals wowed the judges each round with their mind-blowing creativity and skill. Going into the final 3 were Jango in 3rd, Lil Homie in 2nd, and Conversion in 1st, who ultimately took home the big “W” and $200 cash! Glovers shouted in excitement and crowded around Conversion as Blitzen said his name. I have to say, as a glover from Miami, you guys have really made me proud. Growing up in this beautiful scene with you guys has been an extraordinary experience and I cannot wait for many more of these moments to come. Chicago BOSS 2016, here we come.

– Swirlz



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