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Facemelt Crew Takes Foam Wonderland

The night began just like any other. The Foam Wonderland Facemelt Crew arrived at the house in Phoenix, Arizona and prepared for the night’s festivities. Everyone cracked open their casings and jammed in brand new batteries to ensure that our steeze would be in full effect for the night. The tunes were cranking, as the crew started preparing their arsenal, making sure everything was ready for maximal face melt action. That night was our first opportunity to represent the Facemelt Crew, and we wanted to make sure everything was spot on.

Once our gloves were locked n loaded, we went over what was expected from us for the night. As we did, everyone got their mind right. We wanted to come out and wow the kids at Foam Wonderland. In the mean time, everyone exchanged knowledge on what each of us had been working on for the past week or so. After that, we all put our game faces on and made our way to the venue.

As we arrived at Foam Wonderland, we were quickly recognized because of our matching Facemelt jerseys and the large group of glovers accompanying us. We got there just in time to see the full lineup, which consisted of Kayzo, UZ and Bingo Players. Kayzo brought the madness with his mixture of hardstyle and trap, which helped us get in the mood for the rest of the night.

As soon as we got in the place, we began spreading word about the glover’s meet-up location to anyone wearing gloves or EmazingLights merchandise. The meet-up was set for the last 15 minutes of Kayzo’s set and was a success, to say the least. People, who were walking by, saw our lights and literally sat in font of the group as if they were getting a light show from 30+ glovers. Everyone began to take photos as we posed. This whole experience was quite humbling.

Just after the meet-up, UZ hit the decks and brought some of the most technical trap I’ve heard. By now, everyone was warmed up and ready to go. Literally, any direction you looked, there was someone getting lit up. After UZ, we caught part of Bingo Players before getting word of a huge desert party out in East Valley.


Because the event ended so early, we figured why not keep the night going? So, we hopped back in our cars and made the hour commute to a dark secluded spot, where most desert parties are held. The second we arrived at our destination, kids recognized us from Foam Wonderland.

We ended up spending most of the night there, and at about 5:00 AM, we decided to come back into the city. Everyone got back safely, and we began reminiscing on the eventful night. The laughs kept coming, as we were all in great spirits. It was an honor to represent Facemelt Crew with my fellow #DesertRats and #CactusKids. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


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