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Dreamstate Was A Glover’s Worst Nightmare, Orbiters Spin Freely

Glovers were placed in headlocks. Fights broke out over security attempting to confiscate rare chips, and Facemelt Crew glovers [TNT] Havok and [PM] Cypher lost their gloves due to Insomniac’s strict “no gloving” policy at Dreamstate this past weekend.

[PM] Ice Kream Teddy, who has seen Insomniac’s ban on gloving escalate in the past 6 months, commented on security’s treatment of glovers at the festival:

“Never in my life have I been so shocked at the blatant disregard for the rights of a festival goer. I understand that gloves are not allowed, but what I saw was deplorable. People getting shoved, bullied and put in headlocks.”

At Dreamstate, it seemed as if event security had made it their personal goal to take as many glove sets as possible. Even festival attendees playing with their hands and no gloves were under heavy surveillance.

Notorious light show beasts like [PM] Dunzo had to hide deep in the crowds to give shows:

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, Insomniac’s ban on gloving has been escalating since the initial crackdown at Nocturnal Wonderland. The security staff at Escape on Halloween this year continued the trend. I personally had my eLite Elements taken within the last 5 minutes of the event’s first day. Not given the option to leave, my gloves were physically taken from me.

Orbiters, on the other hand, were allowed to roam the festival grounds freely. The Facemelt Crew, which included orbiters [ST] Torq, [ST] Mallo, [ST] Tokken, [ST] Fresh Squeezed, and [ST] Orion, represented a wide array of styles, and they used the opportunity to learn from each other.

From left to right: [ST] Mallo, [ST] Fresh Squeezed, [ST] Tokken, [ST] Torq, and [ST] Orion

From left to right: [ST] Mallo, [ST] Fresh Squeezed, [ST] Tokken, [ST] Torq, and [ST] Orion

All of the orbiters on the Facemelt Crew are members of the [ST] String Theory family, and over the weekend, they added a fire glorbiter named [ST] Enos. Check out his tryout video below!

While Insomniac continues to allow orbiting on their festival grounds, there is no question that the ban on gloving is at it’s darkest hour. Dreamstate, being a much smaller event by Insomniac, gave the generous number of security the ability to patrol even in the depths of the crowd, making it more difficult than ever to give lightshows.



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