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Dreams Come True For Members of Facemelt Crew TomorrowWorld

Each day of TomorrowWorld got off to a rainy start, but by afternoon, the climate was cloudy with a high chance of light shows.

The roster, which included names like [3M] Jest from Minnesota, [ST] Torq from Florida and [EF] Vulcan from New York, bonded throughout the festival, and the trading of ideas and concepts between glovers and orbiters took their lights shows to another level.

As an aspiring orbiter myself, the opportunity to spend full nights at a festival with top guys like Torq, Allazo, Aikido and Fresh Squeezed was a surreal experience to say the least. For members of the crew like Aikido, who are not Emazing sponsors, just being at the festival was a dream come true.


Two months ago, Allazo suggested that Aikido create a personal Facebook page and try out for the TomorrowWorld Facemelt crew. The two met at EDC Las Vegas and occasionally video chatted during the summer. Allazo felt that Aikido’s strong, whip-like style would add a new dimension to the group, and soon enough, Aikido was on a plane to TomorrowWorld.

I never thought something like this could happen to me, just a lonely orbiter from Colorado. But I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that was given. I learned a lot about myself this weekend. My patience was tested, but I will take back with me some of the most precious memories any human being can attain. I felt like a celebrity. I felt like I was making a true impact on the lives around me. I felt alive. Thank you again EmazingLights from the bottom of my heart. My life is changed forever.


Throughout the weekend, I got a chance to chill with many of the Facemelt Crew members, and the insight that I gained from those conversations helped me level up as an orbiter and an editor.


The afternoons felt like a light show symposium. Jest, who led the Facemelt crew with the help of [TLNT] Lumos, explained to me that his frequent exposure to live music was one of the main contributors to his success as a glover. Vulcan, a fellow writer for the EmazingLife and leader of New York’s Empire Flow, and I discussed the enormous effort behind growing a gloving community in an urban city.

At night, festival goers would walk to the top of the main stage hill and line up for light shows under the “Free Glowjobs” totem. Facemelt crew members also dove into the pit in waves, often dipping out to serve the huge crowd sitting on the hill.


The highly anticipated battle between Allazo and Torq never came together. Regardless, Torq showed off his precision and proved why he has been the unquestioned orbit leader for years. Allazo, on the other hand, might be the most entertaining light show artist alive. I also got a chance to trade shows with [4D] Gumby on Sunday, and it was amazing to see his long fingers quickly morph into such unique patterns and creatures.

After spending the weekend with people who were truly honored by the experience, I think I finally understood what it means to wear the Facemelt logo. For all of the members, the weekend was a product of hours of practice and a dedication to an art form. The common love for throwing light shows helped create long lasting friendships for members of the group, and I will never forget my weekend with the Face Melt Crew.



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