Concept of the Week: Dials and Finger Stacks

Hey guys, this is Youngblood and I’m going to be writing up this weekly post called Concept of the Week, in order to help expand knowledge and spread new ideas into the community. This week we’re going to go over a very common concept, and that is finger stacking or “dialing.”

A little about me. I’m a glover from Jersey and I’ve been gloving for close to 3 years. I am currently working on growing the New York scene as an admin of Glovers of NY – Empire Flow, running things like FNLs, competitions, and workshops. I rep a few teams, including [ION],[iD], and [MiM]. I’m also a captain of [CC] or Concept Creators, a team of creative glovers who are constantly innovating and changing the game. I’ve spent a lot of time breaking down gloving concepts, and I want to pass them on to everyone else!

Before we jump into the nitty gritty for this week’s concept of the week, know that you can be featured! Post a video of your best finger stacks or dials in the Glovers Lounge and hashtag #EmazingBlog and #ConceptOfTheWeek. We’ll pick our favorite and put it in next week’s post.

With that, let’s get started!


At its core, finger stacking, better known to glovers as “dialing,” is exactly what it sounds like. The concept involves taking two or more of your fingers and stacking them on top of each other.


The concept is used by a wide range of glovers and the sheer simplicity of the idea allows for a lot of variations.  Essentially, both fingers break apart, move in circular motion and reconnect with the bottom finger on top. This is the most common move or idea within dials and finger stacking.

Dialing is the basis for most technical glovers styles, and a common variation is adding in a finger roll. When your fingers are stacked or “dialed,” you trace the dial down your hand, and while you do that perform a finger roll along the trace. This is a combination of a basic dial, and a basic finger roll, which gives the illusion that the dial is causing the wave in the finger roll to happen. The beauty of dials is that they are so basic a concept that there are almost limitless expansion possibilities.


When looking at the origin of dials, there is one glover who brought it into mainstream gloving, [LOL] Rockstar. Through YouTube videos and BOSS competitions, Rockstar was among the first glovers to bring finger stacking and dials into light shows. Today, his videos are inspirational tools for beginners looking to learn dial based concepts and new variations on moves they already know.


1) The most important thing you need to know about dials is that you NEED finger dexterity. You should be able to move each finger independent from one another while dialing. Dials should look boxy, like rectangles or squares of light. Without dexterity, your fingers may not line up properly, giving you a sloppy look. Practice every day moving your fingers independently, as well as practicing stacking all your fingers. Greg Irwin is a great source for finger independence exercise. I also practice what I call the “dial progression,” shown below.

2) In order to more easily incorporate dials into your show, when practicing, stop occasionally and ask yourself how you can spice up your moves with dials, or how can you add something more to a transition with dials. Look for opportunities to add dials to your show, and when you do, constantly expand the concepts you are creating. Find new ways to combine your dials, or combine them. Look for tutorials as well to help expand your mind, but rely more on your own concepts and instincts, rather than just tutorials


1) [PM] Boomer: Though not as active nowadays, his videos showed how far dials can go. His creativity is something to admire, and if you are looking to build your arsenal, his videos are where you should go.

2) (Ayo?) Mumbles: 2013 IGC champion, Mumbles’ style is a beautiful blend of flow and flawless dials. Whether you’re a waterbender or a tech beast, there is a Mumbles show that will teach you new dialing moves and help blend them into your show.

3) [TLNT] Nemo: The newest kid on the dial scene, Nemo is taking the tech game by storm and flipping dials on their side. Taking basic concepts and blending them with creatures and complex tech, Nemo forges a one-of-a-kind show every time he puts on the gloves.

If you are looking for any more inspiration, [iDigit] is the team to look at. A team comprised of some of the best dialers, digiters, and general techy glovers, every member is different, and you are sure to get something new with every show.



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