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Concept of the Week: Passthroughs

Welcome to the world of Passthroughs!

Remember, if you want to be featured in these biweekly articles, record some passthroughs and hashtag #ConceptOfTheWeek or #EmazingBlog on Instagram or in the Lounge. I want to get you guys involved in this blog series so we can all learn and expand these new concepts together!

What are passthroughs?

A passthrough is a very basic and versatile concept that has been used in gloving since its early beginnings. The main idea of a passthrough is creating a “space” in your fingers and passing through that space, usually with fingers from your other hand. You can also pass through a full tunnel, dial or any other move you can think of.

There are many variations of passthroughs. In this article, we will cover the 3 basic types.

The first variation is called a “digit passthrough” (click to see some basic demos). This type of passthrough involves creating a space in your fingers using digits. You want to pass through the gap in your fingers using digited fingers on both hands.

Think about it like making a lock and a key. Your first hand creates a space with your fingers, then your other hand must create a matching “key” to fit the “lock” of the first hand. This passthrough type is the most commonly used variation and can be seen in very early shows from glovers such as [TNT] Musk.

The next basic variation is what I like to call a “scissor passthrough.” Essentially, the move creates a V with two or more fingers. Then, instead of passing through a digit gap, you pass through the V.

The most common move using the scissor variation is made by creating the V with your first two fingers, while having those same fingers closed on the other hand and passing it through the V. After, switch finger positions and pass through again.

The final type of passthrough is called a “poke passthrough.” Instead of fully passing through the gap you created, simply poke your finger through and pull it back out. This variation is open to a lot of expansion. You can poke with as many fingers as you’d like, use your thumbs, dial fingers and much more.

These are only 3 variations of passthroughs, but remember, the possiblities are endless. These variations are explained more in-depth in this tutorial I made.

Who Brought It To The Scene?

Passthroughs have existed in the scene almost as long as the scene has been alive. They have been used by almost every glover, beginner or advanced, so finding a true “originator” is very difficult. However, [PLL] Lokey was the first glover to innovate and expand passthroughs. He thought of new concepts and new ways to fit his fingers together. Lokey’s creativity helped passthroughs expand to what they are today.

Youngblood Tips

1) FINGER DEXTERITY. Finger dexterity and independence is massively important in passthroughs. Without proper dexterity, passthroughs end up looking sloppy, and you lose the look of “lock and key.” Being able to independently move your fingers is fundamental in making sure your passthroughs look good. There are many different exercises you can do to practice dexterity and gain finger strength. If you need more examples or exercises, check out Greg Irwin videos on YouTube. He has a myriad of different exercises and finger exercise videos that are extremely helpful.

2) MIND THE GAP. While creativity is always important, especially when learning a new concept, it is also important to remember cleanliness. One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make is attempting to fit too many fingers in a small gap. For example, if you’ve created a 2 finger “lock”, your “key” should not be 3 fingers, as that tends to look sloppy. You should never have to force your passthroughs, they should feel smooth and glide through the gaps you create. Remember to be mindful how big a gap you’ve created, and make sure the amount of fingers used in your passthrough makes it look clean.

Who To Watch

1) [SS] Buddha : Clean and creative are the two best words to describe this glover. Every move he makes is deliberate, and his shows are a mesmerizing display of raw technical flow.

2) [ION] Pinky : This man is a human Rubik’s Cube. Always finding new angles and spaces, his hands create some of the most mind-boggling moves you can imagine. Don’t blink because you never know what he’ll do next.

3) [UFL] G-Pain : Revolutionary. With smooth moves and impeccable skill, his style changed what passthroughs could do and how they could be used. One of my biggest inspirations, he will always be one of the best.

4) [CC] Youngblood : If there is one thing I can say I am good at, it’s passthroughs. One of my absolute favorite concepts, I love to find new ways to glide my fingers and create gaps you wouldn’t be able to find with a microscope.

Don’t forget to show us those silky passthroughs! Record some passthroughs and hashtag #ConceptOfTheWeek and #EmazingBlog on Instagram or in the Lounge, and we may pick you to be featured on the next article!


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