[FFM] Frozen Facemelters

Community Spotlight: Toronto, Canada – Winter Is Coming

If Toronto is any indication, igloos will no longer be a viable housing option with the amount of fire that is about to be thrown across Canada.

Toronto is home to Deadmau5, the CN Tower, the Maple Leafs, and to the surprise of many American glovers, Canada’s largest and fastest-growing gloving community the Frozen Face Melters [FFM].

Gloves found their way to Toronto in 2011, and by November 2012, Toronto’s first gloving team Trippin’ On Lights [toL] was founded and sponsored by EmazingLights.

Unfortunately, [toL] activity within the Toronto gloving community began to wane in 2013. It seemed that the gloving scene was going down with the underground, but just when you thought the fire was about to die, the Frozen Face Melters [FFM] rose from the ashes of their predecessors.

Unlike [toL], who operated as a competitive team, [FFM] was created to be more supportive of the community. Their vision was to spread the love of gloving and other flow arts to any and all who were interested. [FFM] Aether started gloving less than a year ago, and he attributes his rapid improvement to the helpfulness of his teammates.

“I draw so much more inspiration and receive so much support from my fellow glovers,” Aether said. “They’ve definitely helped me progress very fast with my technique.”

Today, [FFM] has 420 members and counting who melt face all across the city on any given weekend. A couple of [FFM] members got a chance to squad up and trade with the east coast legend [NL] React Shun at Mysteryland 2015 in New York.

“The members that I had the pleasure of throwing lights with really impressed me,” React Shun said. “Talented, humble glovers.”

The supportive community in Toronto is churning out some of Canada’s premier glovers. [FFM] administrator Lycan recently took home first place in the Canadian Gloving Tournament, an online competition which saw glovers all across Canada vying for the title of Canada’s top glover. Alberta’s [EOL] Gypsy and Stokes, representing Western Canada, took second and third respectively. 

[FFM] is led by a team of administrators who share a strong passion for gloving and strive to spread the love of lights in Toronto. [FFM] Shaman, a group administrator, touched on the reason behind [FFM]’s rise and the nature of gloving. 

“The thing I love about gloving is its ability to instantly form an intimate connection between people, even complete strangers,” Shaman said. “For those few moments, it’s just you, the receiver and the lights. It’s magical!”

[FFM] currently organizes weekly and monthly meetings at different locations across the city for local glovers to trade shows, get feedback and birth new concepts.

They are also looking to share the art of gloving with the general population by hosting an exhibition at Toronto’s largest art festival, Nuit Blanche, which showcases art exhibits throughout downtown one night a year, from sunset to sunrise.

[FFM] administrators have big dreams for the Toronto gloving scene, and none have higher hopes than [FFM] Azure. 

“I think the scene in Toronto is going to explode over the next year,” [FFM] Azure said. “We have some up and coming glovers, and I can see already that they have great potential.” 

A familiar chill can already be felt in the night air here in Toronto. Winter is indeed coming, and [FFM] is here to keep Toronto toasty by melting faces and spreading the gLove across the city. 


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