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Combating Glover’s Block: Finding Your Center

I don’t care if you’re a painter, writer or dancer. The worst part about being an artist having a lack of inspiration.

This lack of inspiration is often referred to as a “block”. Glovers have it easy compared to other artists because we can create our own inspiration and avoid this block all together. It just takes a little bit of hard work. There are a few very good roads to take when navigating around glover’s block, and I’ll be taking you down one of them today.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Find your center?” I know I have. I never really knew what that meant until I started gloving. Your center is likely to be your favorite concept or type of motion, but it can mean something deeper. 

Check out my East vs. West submission above. I started focusing everything on grid work. Every trick in this show is designed to look as though it is moving across a surface that isn’t actually there. There is not a lot of finger work here because the technicality is in the actual hand placement and trails created from my moves.

Liquid is a perfect example of such a concept because it is a simple maneuver. Different glovers apply the concept differently. Some glovers will just use it as a transition, some will use it in a fast paced, flowing capacity and others will slow it down and really break apart the different motions. [PM] Cypher and [LA] Logic are masters of exploring the technical aspect of liquids.

This central focus is how you can actually avoid glover’s block entirely and change up your entire style. In the video below, my central focus is my hand speed. It is an abnormal, almost machine-like pace that makes my moves look super unique.

If you are not entirely sure what your central focus is, chronologically watch a few of your most recent videos and really dissect yourself.  Keep in mind, your center does not have to be a major concept family like liquid. It can be far more specific like pinching, pivots or remoting.

Do not ask someone else to help when finding your center.

After all, they aren’t you.


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