The Champions of FaceMelt: Rhapsode

Inside the mind of one of the scenes most creative and unique artist

Gloving has, over the years, produced some of the most talented and innovative artists. With near limitless possibilities at, quite literally, their fingertips, glovers have been able to easily create their own distinctive style that separates them from the rest of the scene. No glover has personified this more than Rhapsode.

Rhapsode has been, for many people, a source of massive inspiration. His technique and control are both top class, and his concept creation ranks among the best of the best. His style has evolved throughout the years, moving from raw and deliberate tech to smooth and hypnotizing liquid, yet still staying at the top level of gloving in any style he chooses. I was so ecstatic to be able to hear his unique views on the current gloving scene, as well as his thoughts on style, newcomers, and his own gloving career

Rhapsode the Glover

 To start off the interview, I wanted to come out swinging. So many people want to know the ins-and-outs of top glovers styles, and how they continually evolve them. Personally, Rhapsode is one of my favorite artists, so I was very excited to learn just how he thinks, as well as how he views his own style.

Q. How has your style evolved over the years?

A. “I try to base my style around what I find weird and abstract at that particular moment, but can still fit perfect within the show. Every lightshow I try to bring something brand new in tech, but lately I try so hard to be perfect that I get lost in what I’m doing. I know it’s not the same as 3 years ago, and it’s still good because I’m trying to work on a different style, but bad because I feel like without focus and no enjoyment in my show, I’ll never progress.”

Q. How do you go about making new moves or concepts? What is your thought process?

A. “I’m always working with the [Concept] Creators to help think of new stuff. Usually I put myself in a comfortable and familiar position, and try to find a lot of new and unusual ways in and out of that position. Other ideas are trade secrets ;)”

Q. What set/colors do you use right now? What is your all-time favorite set (chips/bulbs/colors/modes)?

A. “I usually stick to Chroma CTRLs, and my go-to sets are strobie sets that have a white or blue tint, sometimes a pink. I love light colors with a dash of red.”

The Scene and its Evolution

 Gloving, much like any art, has a rapidly growing and constantly evolving community. Much of this growth has occurred in California, the home for Emazinglights, as well as the birthplace of competitive gloving. Having grown up in the California scene, Rhapsode has gotten a firsthand look at the changes the scene has undergone over the years, as well as being able to influence that change directly.

Q. How has the scene changed since you first begun gloving? Where do you want to see it go?

A. “I’m still in shock of just how many glovers there are out there. When I started, all I had was the California scene and maybe a little bit of Texas. I just want to see gloving keep expanding and see other people enjoy the style of dance that I enjoy.”

Q. Do you see the rise of competitive gloving as a positive or negative to the scene?

A. “Competitions are a lot of fun, full of excitement, and one of the best reasons to try and make your shows better. I think that competitions do have some negative aspects, but I also feel that they are hugely important for glovers and for the scene itself. If it wasn’t for competitions, gloving wouldn’t have the attention from the outside world that it has now.”

Wanna know what it feels to be under [PM] Rhapsode's spell? Just ask [3M] Jest.

Q. Who’s an up-and-coming glover in the scene to look out for?

A. “There’s two that I feel are up and coming, and that is Pinky and Clum-Z from Concept Creators. I enjoy their style so much, and their perception of the grid and the puzzles they perfect in their shows are literally like no one in the gloving scene right now.”

An Impact

 Ask any glover around the world, and they’ll tell you that this art has had a huge impact on their lives. We are able to find friends in places we never even visit, creating life long friendships. Ware able to push our creative limits, in both gloving and other aspects of our lives. We are able to express ourselves in a wholly unique way and create an individual identity through style. Gloving is so integral to our lives, and that impact is something all glovers can share

Q. How has gloving affected your life? If you didn’t glove, what do you think would be different? 

A. “I don’t like thinking about what could have been, especially when gloving has given me so many things like friends, drive to do better, and has really helped me tap into what it’s like to take charge in my life. Without gloving, I honestly don’t know where I’d be.”

Rhapsode 3

Q. Who in the community (whether online or in person) has had the biggest impact on the gloving scene?

A. “I absolutely idolize Cypher for everything he has done. Of course every single Emazing sponsored glover does their part, others glovers from other companies chip in as well, but I feel like no one does a better job than Cypher. He deserves a lot of credit for all the behind the scenes stuff he does.”

Q.How do you personally want to impact gloving? What legacy do you want to leave to newer glovers?

A. “I’m still thinking of what kind of impact I want to leave. I just hope that people can use me as a reference for a certain style or that I will continue to inspire people with the shows I give.”

3rd place 4th place pm dunzo pm rhapsode igc 2015 ohdagyo photography

If you enjoyed this article, and have a sponsored glover or high-level glover you want to see interviewed, comment below! I had a blast interviewing and getting to know how a fellow glover thinks, and I can’t wait to do many more!









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