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How Lost Lands Became 100% Lights Friendly

Back in 2012, Gregg Lillie and EmazingLights took a team of light show artists to Escape from Wonderland in San Bernardino. The team called “the FaceMelt Crew” was the first festival team of its kind, and today, the program and Gregg’s legacy lives on at 25+ festivals across America. After moving on from his position as Brand Manager of EmazingLights, Lillie has worked closely with Jeff Abel, more commonly known as world class Bass Producer, Excision.

With the Excision team, Lillie is working behind the scenes to produce the first ever Lost Lands Music Festival in Thornville, Ohio, and the EmazingBlog was fortunate enough to sit down with Gregg to discuss some of the decision-making behind making Lost Lands 100% LED friendly:

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Jest’s Top 10 Light Shows of Electric Forest Weekend 1

Year after year, Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury Michigan plays host to a gathering of some of the most dedicated and unique flow artists in the Midwest and beyond. The very first time I experienced Electric Forest in 2014, I knew it was something unique. That year I received some of the best light shows in my life. The only regret I have from that year is that I didn’t record the fire.

This year, I came prepared and I now have video evidence of the artists responsible for burning down Electric Forest.

My top 10 favorite light shows from EF 2017 in no particular order…..

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Glovetrotting Through Southeast Asia with Shaman

Shaman teaching kids a crash course in the art of melting faces

Shaman teaching kids a crash course in the art of melting faces

Ever wish you could quit your job and travel the world doing what you love? I fantasized about it for years. My name is Lemuel Sison, aka Shaman; and after a near-death-induced epiphany, I realized that life was too short not to. Around the same time, I found myself freezing in line for a Halloween warehouse rave, where I bought my first pair of glow gloves from a sketchy van in the parking lot to keep warm. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life, changing its course forever.

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Bubbles on Empowering Women to Orbit

A nationally ranked figure skater turned orbiter, Alicia Hernandez (aka Bubbles) is the only female on the EmazingLights Orbit Sponsorship team. Known for her full body style and powerful wrap sequences, Bubbles is changing the way that festival goers view female light show artists and paving the way for all artists to come.

Since picking up an orbit for festival season in 2016, Hernandez became the first female to compete at the Orbit Invitationals at IGC 2016. Today, she is the first female orbiter to concept her very own EmazingLights Feature Video, which shows the life of our sponsors when they come visit the EmazingLights team at headquarters. By allowing people to see some of the perks of being a sponsor, Bubbles hopes to inspire other females to pick up an orbit and dream big.

EmazingBlog: Alicia, so tell us a little about yourself and your dance background. I’ve heard that you used to be a pretty intense figure skater back in the day. How did you find orbiting? And do you think that figure skating has translated to your style of orbiting?

Bubbles: I’ve been figure skating since I was 5 years old. I competed until I was 19, and I still skate for fun. My team won a national gold medal when I was 17, a competition which instilled the values of hard work and practice. From these experiences, I also learned how the arts can be an expression of yourself and how you’re feeling.

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The Facemelt Crew hits Infinity NYE w/ Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond, Crizzly, UZ, Michael Woods, Bad Royale, and a surprising 20-minute set from none other than Wocka Flocka Flame himself, San Diego is about to crack with one of the most anticipated events of the New Year.
Infinity NYE , hosted by EventVibe has been the most talked about festival that we’ve seen for New Years, beating out the notorious Countdown NYE when it comes to popularity. With a lineup like that, it’s sure to bring all sorts of people through.

The Town & Country Event Center is hosting our NYE Facemelt Crew and throwing down some really cool festivities for the night. The Facemelters that will be rocking the arena down in SD are –

Ice Kream Teddy

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Dreamstate Was A Glover’s Worst Nightmare, Orbiters Spin Freely

Glovers were placed in headlocks. Fights broke out over security attempting to confiscate rare chips, and Facemelt Crew glovers [TNT] Havok and [PM] Cypher lost their gloves due to Insomniac’s strict “no gloving” policy at Dreamstate this past weekend.

[PM] Ice Kream Teddy, who has seen Insomniac’s ban on gloving escalate in the past 6 months, commented on security’s treatment of glovers at the festival:

“Never in my life have I been so shocked at the blatant disregard for the rights of a festival goer. I understand that gloves are not allowed, but what I saw was deplorable. People getting shoved, bullied and put in headlocks.”

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Global Dance Festival Meets The Facemelt Crew

Arizona is on a roll. We have our team of Facemelters making an appearance at the legendary Global Dance Festival this weekend in the iconic Rawhide Western Town ! If you have your ticket, be ready for one of the best events of the season, and quite possibly the best light shows you’ll ever get in your life.
A ridiculously dope lineup that pulls names like Marshmello, RL Grime, Gesaffelstein, Cashmere Cat, Nghtmre, and Mija, is definitely going down in the books after this weekend. You can catch all the action on Snapchat and Periscope as the Facemelt Crew makes their way through the festival! Some of the talent you’ll be able to find there are –

[PM] Geek




You can check out a quick clip of what to expect right here 

Founders of the KLU movement are connecting Glover’s on a wide scale. Make sure you find them and trade!

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Facemelt Crew Takes Foam Wonderland

The night began just like any other. The Foam Wonderland Facemelt Crew arrived at the house in Phoenix, Arizona and prepared for the night’s festivities. Everyone cracked open their casings and jammed in brand new batteries to ensure that our steeze would be in full effect for the night. The tunes were cranking, as the crew started preparing their arsenal, making sure everything was ready for maximal face melt action. That night was our first opportunity to represent the Facemelt Crew, and we wanted to make sure everything was spot on.

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Dreams Come True For Members of Facemelt Crew TomorrowWorld

Each day of TomorrowWorld got off to a rainy start, but by afternoon, the climate was cloudy with a high chance of light shows.

The roster, which included names like [3M] Jest from Minnesota, [ST] Torq from Florida and [EF] Vulcan from New York, bonded throughout the festival, and the trading of ideas and concepts between glovers and orbiters took their lights shows to another level.

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