Brian Lim Takes to Reddit in his first ever AMA

In response to gloving’s growing popularity, EmazingLights CEO and Founder Brian Lim answered his fans’ questions in an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on the largest EDM SubReddit, r/ElectronicMusic (131,000+ readers) last Friday.

A figurehead in the scene’s blossoming transition from rave toy to performance art, Lim stepped into one  Electronic Dance Music’s largest forums and fielded questions covering everything from his love for computer games to the future of gloving.

Throughout the AMA session, Lim hinted at projects and initiatives in the pipeline and discussed his motives behind leading the gloving movement. He also commented on his dreams for EmazingLights and competitive gloving as a whole.

“I want an EmazingLights, iHeartRaves, and Into the AM in every state,” Lim said. “Then I want BOSS gloving competitions touring the entire country.”

While many Reddit users asked questions regarding Lim’s appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, or the ban on gloving at festivals, some hoped to gain personal insight. When asked to confirm or deny his passion for CounterStrike, Lim responded, “Starcraft was the gateway drug, then came CS, Warcraft 3, Dota, HON, and then life kicked me in the face and didn’t let me play anymore.”

See all of his answers here!


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