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The Big Apple Showdown Series (B.A.S.S.) – NY’s Premier Gloving Event

Webster Hall: A historic venue from the 1800’s that has more recently hosted acts like Infected Mushroom, Bro Safari, 12th Planet and Clean Bandit. The thought that any kind of gloving event could he held here was nothing more than a fantasy for northeast gloving communities, until now.

We’re excited to announce that the New York Gloving community’s Empire Flow will be the first to do it.

The Empire Flow‘s tournament called the Big Apple Showdown Series or B.A.S.S. has been the highlight of the New York gloving scene throughout the summer. Hosted by the Empire Flow administrators, this tournament series comes to a close Saturday, August 29 at Webster Hall, making a strong finish to a summer of high energy and passion.

Initially B.A.S.S was a local competition, which eventually opened its doors to all glovers. This allowed the quantity and quality of gloving in the tournament to grow. As the competition series developed, big names came to spectate and compete. Among them were [TV] Pilgrim, [CL] Outlaw, and [NL] TriggaHappy. Local teams such as Team Rubix [RBX] and teams out of the tri-state area like Candy Lights [CL] participated in B.A.S.S. as well.

The concept of the series was simple: come to NYC’s FNL and compete. Over the course of five consecutive NYC FNL’s from June 12th to August 7th, Empire Flow hosted “Seed Tournaments.” In these tournaments, glovers battled one another in a single-elimination format. The winner, along with a select number of runner-ups, would be seeded into the finale event.

With the success of the event series thus far, the leadership needed to host the finale at an appropriate venue. Luckily, as the tournaments grew so did the NYC FNL attendance. With this growth, the Empire Flow received the attention of the New York’s renowned venue, Webster Hall. An employee reached out to the leadership and extended them an opportunity: the group was asked to host their grand finale at this venue.

Even with the opportunity in hand, the logistics would prove to be a difficult task to complete. From expenses to constraints and restrictions, the leadership was faced with tough details and hard compromises. With the power of determination, they succeeded in creating one of the biggest events for the Northeast gloving community.

The expenses were raised through a fundraiser campaign using a GoFundMe. With the use of social media and dedicated networking, the Empire Flow administrators were able to attract donations. Originally being a tough financial burden, they were able to fund the remaining expenses.

Subsequently, the leadership needed to fit their itinerary to Webster Hall’s time constrictions and rules. It was difficult for the leadership to adjust their plans to a two and a half hour time frame. With the necessary sacrifices and compromises to the initial plan, they were able to put together a befitting program.

The result: A 16-man single-elimination tournament with a live DJ to take place with Webster Hall’s BASSment Saturdays.

The Empire Flow presents to you the grand finale of the Big Apple Showdown Series at Webster Hall!

Click here for tickets and use code “empireflow” as the access code to receive the discounted price.





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