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Building Your Community: Getting Started

Do you love gloving? Do you wish you had a thriving community in your area? Do you want FNL’s and event meet-ups?

Imagine your local area teeming with glovers trading shows and exchanging concepts, just loving life and enjoying the same passion as you. What if you could be the reason for it? Continue Reading

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The Big Apple Showdown Series (B.A.S.S.) – NY’s Premier Gloving Event

Webster Hall: A historic venue from the 1800’s that has more recently hosted acts like Infected Mushroom, Bro Safari, 12th Planet and Clean Bandit. The thought that any kind of gloving event could he held here was nothing more than a fantasy for northeast gloving communities, until now.

We’re excited to announce that the New York Gloving community’s Empire Flow will be the first to do it.

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Community Spotlight: New York – The Rise of an Empire

New York: the Empire State.

The state of New York is made for light shows in all its creativity and artistry. The city is best known for its captivating lights and magnificent art culture, paralleling our own world of light and art.

One would think that gloving, something synonymous with the representation of these aspects, would already be flourishing in this neon concrete jungle. But yet, it hasn’t been, until this year.

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