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Why Your Ego Is Holding Your Gloving Back

There is something occurring in most of your minds that is hindering your gloving.

We all have a perception of how our art looks to others around us, whether it be positive or negative. With that perception, we construct a portrayal of how we are perceived by others, that we believe to be accurate. This self-perception, that occurs in our minds, is what we call the ego.

Not only is this sense of self-perception completely inaccurate, it is also limiting your ability to grow as a glover. Learning about the ego and the limitations it brings is the first step in the right direction, when finding balance and maximizing the potential in your showmanship.

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Dreamstate Was A Glover’s Worst Nightmare, Orbiters Spin Freely

Glovers were placed in headlocks. Fights broke out over security attempting to confiscate rare chips, and Facemelt Crew glovers [TNT] Havok and [PM] Cypher lost their gloves due to Insomniac’s strict “no gloving” policy at Dreamstate this past weekend.

[PM] Ice Kream Teddy, who has seen Insomniac’s ban on gloving escalate in the past 6 months, commented on security’s treatment of glovers at the festival:

“Never in my life have I been so shocked at the blatant disregard for the rights of a festival goer. I understand that gloves are not allowed, but what I saw was deplorable. People getting shoved, bullied and put in headlocks.”

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