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Dreams Come True For Members of Facemelt Crew TomorrowWorld

Each day of TomorrowWorld got off to a rainy start, but by afternoon, the climate was cloudy with a high chance of light shows.

The roster, which included names like [3M] Jest from Minnesota, [ST] Torq from Florida and [EF] Vulcan from New York, bonded throughout the festival, and the trading of ideas and concepts between glovers and orbiters took their lights shows to another level.

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Glovers and Orbiters Collide for Massive TomorrowWorld Facemelt Crew

After an unforgettable summer full of flow arts and festivals, orbiter Allazo has challenged the undisputed leader of the orbiting community, [ST] Torq, to a battle at TomorrowWorld. Both members are the only orbiters on this festival’s FaceMelt Crew, which includes glovers like [3M] Jest, [LLB] Starlight and [EF] Vulcan, but their battle has been highly anticipated since Allazo called Torq out on Starlight earlier this month.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.20.33 PM

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Face from the Crowd: Allazo the Backflipping Orbiter

Two years ago, when Allazo was serving in the National Guard, he never imagined he would be backflipping on camera as a sponsored orbiter.

While many glovers and orbiters focus on up close and personal details, this Minnesota orbiter combines his orbiting abilities with self-taught hip hop dance moves to create a multi-layer light show. Allazo’s running backflip videos have added a recent buzz to the art of orbiting, which have drawn both praise and criticism from his peers in the orbiting community.

Want to see an orbiter backflip?

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Gloving Competitions

West Coast Glovers Bear Down for the Final BOSS of the Season

On Saturday August 15, 2015, the west coast’s best glovers will fight to the death for the August BOSS title and the final guaranteed spot in October’s IGC Legends Bracket. Lights will be thrown, faces will be melted and our newest sponsor [UV] Blastoff Sloth will be representing the out-of-state glovers for his 5th BOSS in a row. All this we know for sure.

Everything else is up for grabs. With quality competitors looking to secure an IGC Legends bid, a host of new generation of glovers will look to challenge veteran studs like [PM] Gambit and [PM] JBake.

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(ION) Announces Elite Four Challenge

Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was?

If you do, now’s your chance. Illusions of Night [ION] is coming at you with the Elite Four Challenge.

Based on a Pokémon master’s final test, individual glovers will try to defeat a team of 4 [ION] members in hopes of winning an eLite Element Glove Set. [ION] has not revealed the rosters for each team, but with team names like “Unsponsored Monsters,” “WaterBenders” and “Beast Coast,” challengers will get all they can handle.  

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Gloving Competitions

[3M] Jest Brings Home Miami BOSS

With 38 motivated competitors and over 50 spectators, July’s Maimi BOSS was a tournament to remember. Contestants and gloving fans from as far as the Midwest congregated at the NugBrand store in downtown Miami for a night filled with friends, light shows, and eventually a champion. After 3 rounds of Swiss play, the tournament became an 8 person win-or-go-home playoff, and the competition for the title represented the glovers’ last chance at securing a spot in the International Gloving Championship: Legends Tournament on Oct. 10.

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IGC 2015 – International Gloving Championship – Are You Ready?

With the date just confirmed and announced, the International Gloving Competition kicks off on October 10, 2015 at the Yost Theatre in Santa Ana, California. This year, a record number of out of state competitors and spectators will descend onto gloving’s largest tournament, producing a community wide sharing of concepts as the top glovers from around the country assemble to compete and hopefully take home the title. Representing teams and families from across the country, competitors will trade shows with their idols, cultivate friendships with fellow glovers, and perhaps, witness the coming out party for gloving’s next top talent. IGC is a celebration of gloving’s progress as an artform, and the moves seen in this year’s competition will reflect the evolution of dance in 2015.

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New EmazingLights Charity Initiative: Glove 4 Glove

In an effort to become more than just the world leader of gloving and lightshows, EmazingLights and founder Brian Lim have created a new charity initiative called Glove 4 Glove. Inspired by 16 year-old Matthew Hernandez, a paraplegic who suffers from cerebral palsy, the Glove 4 Glove program aims to provide disabled Electronic Dance Music fans and festival goers with direct access to light gloves and lightshows in hopes of empowering them through self expression.

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