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Outlaw: Gloving’s Endless Story

Ever since I was picked up by the Emazing sponsorship program, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel the country learn all about the best glovers and their styles in person.I take great pleasure in visiting and experiencing new scenes and meeting the glovers that I often only see through a computer screen. Two weeks ago I was able to go to Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, and I had the pleasure to finally meet the Outlaw.

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The Champions of FaceMelt: Materia

Insight from glovings rubber-wristed whip king

The lightshow community has seen massive growth in the past few years. Going from a strictly California scene, to tons of new communities popping up everywhere you look, gloving is spreading its reach across the coasts and creating powerful new scenes. No community is a better example of this than Chicago. Having grown from a relatively small group to a powerhouse in gloving, boasting tournaments, stores, and sponsors, Chicago is the shining example of what gloving can become. And almost no one has had as big of an impact on a scene than the lovable Materia.

With Chicago BoSS coming up, and a legends spot at IGC up for grabs, I thought it would be nice to hear from the main man himself Materia. Materia has helped evolve Chicago in so many ways, and has been present for so many leaps and bounds in the community that it would be near impossible to separate his name from success. He’s one of my best friends and a massive inspiration in gloving and in building up your city.

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The Champions of FaceMelt: Rhapsode

Inside the mind of one of the scenes most creative and unique artist

Gloving has, over the years, produced some of the most talented and innovative artists. With near limitless possibilities at, quite literally, their fingertips, glovers have been able to easily create their own distinctive style that separates them from the rest of the scene. No glover has personified this more than Rhapsode.

Rhapsode has been, for many people, a source of massive inspiration. His technique and control are both top class, and his concept creation ranks among the best of the best. His style has evolved throughout the years, moving from raw and deliberate tech to smooth and hypnotizing liquid, yet still staying at the top level of gloving in any style he chooses. I was so ecstatic to be able to hear his unique views on the current gloving scene, as well as his thoughts on style, newcomers, and his own gloving career Continue Reading


The Champions of FaceMelt : Outlaw

A look into the mind of one of DMVs premier lightshow artists

Gloving, like any art form, has its titans. These artists are seen as the best of the best, and who act as idols to those just entering the scene. Often times we forget that, while they may seem larger than life online, these are just normal people.  This interview series will focus on the person behind the gloves, and you will be able to see how a top class glover views gloving as an art, their own style, and many other aspects of the scene (both online and in person).

In honor of the beginning of the FABLE Chapter 2 Competition, I decided to bring in the winner of the last FABLE competition as the first to be interviewed for this series. Considered one of the current top glovers, Outlaw has made his mark on gloving with a kind heart and a style which is equal parts unique and ruthless.  He was more than happy to answer all the questions I had for him, and his humble personality always makes it a joy to be able to talk and discuss anything with him. He’s a dedicated glover, an amazing teammate, and a fantastic influence on the scene. Continue Reading

serj tut
Featured, Gloving Competitions

Glovers to Fear in the 128 Man IGC Open Tournament

While the IGC Legends Bracket year is as stacked as ever, the Open Tournament hosts a fair share of light show monsters, too.

The Open Tournament consists of two 64-man Swiss Style tournaments. The winner of each tournament gets a spot in the main event, the Legends Bracket, where they will face 14 Legends who have each won previous BOSS or IGC competitions in a single elimination bracket.

The competition will be intense, and the trades will be hot fire. Whether they are coming from out-of-state or representing the IGC homeland of Southern California, these 5 glovers are ones to keep an eye on.

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Illustration by Garvandule / deviantart

Concept of the Week: Selecting Your Color Sets

What is the Concept?

While this isn’t a concept in the same way as tutting or finger rolls, picking the colors of your lights is just as important as anything. Lights give glovers an advantage over a lot of other styles of dancing because we have the ability to portray emotion through the colors we choose. They can be completely random color sets, or they can have special meaning behind them. Whether you’re rocking programmable sets or sticking with classic bulbs, your sets are always part of you.

This article, I’m going to be covering a few different ways people choose their colors as well as some basics tips and tricks. Remember, these aren’t rules to picking sets. They are just ideas and tips for you to use and expand with.

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Concept of the Week: Passthroughs

Welcome to the world of Passthroughs!

Remember, if you want to be featured in these biweekly articles, record some passthroughs and hashtag #ConceptOfTheWeek or #EmazingBlog on Instagram or in the Lounge. I want to get you guys involved in this blog series so we can all learn and expand these new concepts together!

What are passthroughs?

A passthrough is a very basic and versatile concept that has been used in gloving since its early beginnings. The main idea of a passthrough is creating a “space” in your fingers and passing through that space, usually with fingers from your other hand. You can also pass through a full tunnel, dial or any other move you can think of.

There are many variations of passthroughs. In this article, we will cover the 3 basic types.

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Concept of the Week: King Tutting

Remember, if you want to be featured in these weekly articles, tag #ConceptOfTheWeek or #EmazingBlog on Instagram and post yourself doing the concept of the week. If yours is our favorite, we’ll feature it on the blog! Now on to the concept of the week: tutting.

What is the Concept?

Tutting, as a whole, is comprised of many different styles and concepts such as finger tuts, bone breaks, and face tutting. For this article, we will be focusing on king tuts and a few concepts within king tuts. King tutting is named after the way people’s arms were drawn at 90 degree angles in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

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