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Top 5 of 2016, and What’s Ahead for EmazingLights

As the year comes to a close we can’t help but look back and be grateful. At our jobs, we get to spend every day finding new ways to bring the beauty of light shows to more and more people. Who could ask for more?

This year we directed that gratitude into laying new foundations and taking new directions. All of it was in the name of uniting all types of light show artists together under one roof. With that in mind, we narrowed down our highlights into this top 5 list.

Top 5 of 2016

1. GGN

It’s no secret that glovers and light show artists love to hit up kickbacks and flow jams. Collaboration and friendships within the community are key. When we launched GGN in May, we wanted to make it easy for anyone to find the closest light show community to them. Today we support 40+ active GGN communities around the world, including almost 20,000 light show artists.

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Brian Lim

Gloving Community Update 4/22/2016 – Brian Lim

tritonal blackout
Brian Lim

Gloving in Music Videos – Tritonal BlackOut

I’m a huge #trancefamily fan and we’ve actually had Tritonal perform at the first ever IGC back in 2011 and they actually awarded [PM] Munch with the grand prize for winning.

With the opportunity to work again with Tritonal and their management team we really wanted to impress them and showcase how far gloving has come in the past 5 years! We’ve spent at least $5000 creating the first official Tritonal gloving music video. Expenses include securing rights to the track, gloving choregraphy, actors, location renting, videographers and tons of time.

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My Apology To You, the Best Customers on Earth

Hey guys,

I wanted to make a post addressing some of the things you’ve been seeing over the last few months about our products. I’d like to personally apologize for anyone who has had a bad experience with any of our lights. Last year we hit some serious snags in production and I want to show you guys everything we’re doing to make our lights more awesome than ever.

Before I get into it, a few things you should know.

I started this company in 2010 because at that time, companies had bad customer service and were known to ship out low quality lights, and I knew I could do better. So nobody has been pained more than me these last few months seeing all the posts about our top end products not living up to our quality standards. My goal from the very beginning has been to provide top quality light show products to serious, passionate glovers, and that value has carried us to where we are today.

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What Exactly is Gloving and Why Should I Care?

Your hands are the paintbrush, your imagination is the canvas…

If you have ever been to an electronic music event, you have probably seen this common sight – excited festival-goers giving and getting light shows with giant smiles on their faces, hitting every beat and bringing a visual experience to the sounds of the music on stage. But what exactly is gloving? And why are so many people interested in light shows?

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