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New Concept: Clusters (AKA 9-Point-Grid-Isolations)

See my new video tutorial on the hand poses for the 9 point iso grid (AKA Clusters)!

What are Clusters?

This emerging new concept style is similar to finger stacking and dialing,  with the main difference being the number of fingers involved. Dials typically are done using 2 fingers rotating around and stacking together. In “Clusters,” you may use any number between 3 and 10 (or more if you have a doubles partner) fingers to create point-of-contact shapes, or “connect the dots” grid structures. Once you find a shape that you like, you can manipulate it on a much smaller scale, and with more precision than with similar dial moves.

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Facemelt Crew, International

Glovetrotting Through Southeast Asia with Shaman

Shaman teaching kids a crash course in the art of melting faces

Shaman teaching kids a crash course in the art of melting faces

Ever wish you could quit your job and travel the world doing what you love? I fantasized about it for years. My name is Lemuel Sison, aka Shaman; and after a near-death-induced epiphany, I realized that life was too short not to. Around the same time, I found myself freezing in line for a Halloween warehouse rave, where I bought my first pair of glow gloves from a sketchy van in the parking lot to keep warm. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life, changing its course forever.

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[FU] Doc Spins His Way Through Festival Season


Doc is one of the newest Emazinglights Sponsors for Orbiting. Even though he’s new, he quickly built a reputation as one of the most technical & quick learning individuals we have on the team, teaching us a few new tricks as he came along. Since then he’s been making heavy moves and honing his craft, with next week being slotted for his 2nd takeover of LED Anniversary VI as part of the Facemelt Crew.  We invited him in to film his first feature, and try out a few new designs we had been working on. Here’s what he had to say:

Who are you, and where did you come from?

My name is Devin Magnusson; I’m 20 years old, and from Vista CA. I’ve lived here for pretty much all of my life. I’ve moved around here and there but I haven’t left the city. Before I even started doing flow arts I was an all-styles dancer, with my main focuses being krump/house dance. Some of my favorite types of music are House & Future Bass, but now I’m really getting into Trance after i went to Dreamstate in SoCal last November. 

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[3M] Jest sits down to talk Gloving, Magic, and the future of Light Shows

I had the pleasure of talking with [3M] Jest after his last featured video dropped. Getting to pick his brain on his super advanced concepts & thought process during his shows was pretty awesome, and needless to say he’s definitely lightyears ahead of the rest of the gloving world when it comes to creative new moves. As one of the most established members of [C]oncept [C]reators, the crew who’s sole focus is creating new and exciting concepts for gloving, Jest has some serious clout in the light show scene. A (GGN) Global Gloving Network Leader for Minneapolis, he’s not only pushed the Art of Gloving forward with his insane style, but also helped grow his local community and has helped spread the love of light shows for years. Here’s what he had to say:

Let’s start with the basics – What is gloving to you?

  • My definition of gloving is this: Gloving is a performance art that utilizes LEDs as focal points on the hands, which are then used to create persistence-of-vision illusions *as well as shape-shifting puzzles. These puzzles, when set to music, make the illusion that the visuals are “creating” the sounds.  

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Facemelt Crew

The Facemelt Crew hits Infinity NYE w/ Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond, Crizzly, UZ, Michael Woods, Bad Royale, and a surprising 20-minute set from none other than Wocka Flocka Flame himself, San Diego is about to crack with one of the most anticipated events of the New Year.
Infinity NYE , hosted by EventVibe has been the most talked about festival that we’ve seen for New Years, beating out the notorious Countdown NYE when it comes to popularity. With a lineup like that, it’s sure to bring all sorts of people through.

The Town & Country Event Center is hosting our NYE Facemelt Crew and throwing down some really cool festivities for the night. The Facemelters that will be rocking the arena down in SD are –

Ice Kream Teddy

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Facemelt Crew

Global Dance Festival Meets The Facemelt Crew

Arizona is on a roll. We have our team of Facemelters making an appearance at the legendary Global Dance Festival this weekend in the iconic Rawhide Western Town ! If you have your ticket, be ready for one of the best events of the season, and quite possibly the best light shows you’ll ever get in your life.
A ridiculously dope lineup that pulls names like Marshmello, RL Grime, Gesaffelstein, Cashmere Cat, Nghtmre, and Mija, is definitely going down in the books after this weekend. You can catch all the action on Snapchat and Periscope as the Facemelt Crew makes their way through the festival! Some of the talent you’ll be able to find there are –

[PM] Geek




You can check out a quick clip of what to expect right here 

Founders of the KLU movement are connecting Glover’s on a wide scale. Make sure you find them and trade!

Events, Gloving Competitions

IGC 2015: Looking Back

IGC has come and gone. The 5th year of competitive gloving gives us a chance to look at what we’ve built as a community and reflect on everything that has gotten glovers to this point.

This year we had a star-studded event that featured cash prizes and some of the biggest names in gloving and dance, but most importantly, we celebrated our community coming together and gathering as friends for one of the biggest and best tournaments ever thrown. Continue Reading

Hard Summer Facemelt Crew 2015

The Facemelt Crew Hits HARD Summer 2015 With the Biggest Crew Yet


Last weekend, 65,000 bodies shuffled through the gates of the Pomona Fairplex for Hard Summer 2015, a festival that has been hyped as one of the best for music-lovers, yet one of the worst for Gloving. Among those bodies were 13 of our very best light show artists, making up the biggest Facemelt Crew we’ve ever sent to a festival.

In the crew, plenty of out-of-state talent flew in to join the festivities. Names like [UV] Flow, [3M] Jest, [GG] Swirlz, and the star of it all, [IM] Puppet, made their way to California to show us how they go HARD. Joined by some of the local pros [GG] Medusa, [GG] Crystals, [PM] Lalaby and [FML] Toasty along with crews like [PM], [LOL], & (AYO?), we formed a huge mob of finger wigglers both inside and outside the festival.

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