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12 Things That Literally Always Happen to You as a Glover

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1) Trying to get past Glover’s Block like
peter parker getting over glover block

2) Realizing your batteries are dead, right before you’re about to give a show
glovers cant handle dead batteries
3) The security guard feeling you up and almost finding your glove stash
security and glovers don't mix
Why yes, those are indeed my balls.
4) Secretly stalking the other Glover at a party when you see them from across the room
when you find another glover at a rave
5) Commenting once on a thread in Glover’s Lounge, getting 100 notifications

Not worth it.
6) That feel when you pass the color you wanted to program
7) Telling the random sweaty guy trying to throw a double with you that you aren’t down
Heh… Nah.
8) Throwing a fire show, then immediately get shown up by the next glover
9) Getting caught gloving at a red light
Please don’t judge me, stranger…
10) Trying to do work, too busy practicing

Can’t talk, too much fire.
11) When you get caught going HAM
12) Having to explain to your family & friends what that “hand thing” you’re doing is

It’s called finger tutting, Mom, gawd!


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