Wanna know what it feels to be under [PM] Rhapsode's spell? Just ask [3M] Jest.

10 Videos Our Sponsors Watch For Inspiration

This week, we asked our sponsors: what light show do you watch for inspiration?

These are the shows our glovers go to for developing new concepts, combating glovers block or rediscovering flow, and each glover’s answer revealed a lot about his or her mentality as an artist.

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1. [PM] Rhapsode: [IM] Mez- Clockwork Light Show

2. [MOB] Blitzen: (Ayo?) Mimik- The Flow Chip Glove Set Light Show

3. [MOB] Vex: (Ayo?) Mumbles- Purple Fire Glove Set Light Show

4. [3M] Jest: [GF] Velocity vs. [PM] Panda

5. [UV] Flow: (Ayo?) Stunna Light Show @ Escape 11′

6. [PM] JBake: [LOL] OuTLasT Light Show

7. [ION] Sl4yer: Prime- My Little Pony Glove Set Light Show

8. [UV] Blastoff Sloth: [PM] Rhapsode: Blue Ranger

9. Medusa: [PM] Cypher Arcane Glove Set Alternate

10. [CL] Outlaw: (Ayo?) Anti- Joker Clove Set Light Show


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