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IGC 2016 Legends – Vote for your Community Legends


IGC Legends 2016 Bracket consists of 16 Competitors who will be competing for a $2500 Cash Grand Prize (+ a few extras).


NOTE: IF YOU ARE VOTING BELOW, PAGE NUMBERS ARE TEMPORARILY BROKEN. There are 21 Community Legends. You can look through more than the first 10 of them using the “Sort” dropdown button.


First up, I want to congratulate our first FIVE CONFIRMED IGC 2016 Legends, the winners of 2016’s 5 Official BOSS Tournaments.

  1. Conversion – Yordan Espinosa (Miami BOSS I)
  2. Moon – Joe Dede (Chicago BOSS I)
  3. Vex – Jacob Zakarian (SoCal BOSS I)
  4. Infinite – Andres Lenis (Miami BOSS II)
  5. Materia – Evan Dallas (Chicago BOSS II)

These guys were some of the best of the year in a year with little room for error to qualify so congrats!

But those are only 5 spots and there’s still 11 Legends Spots left.

This is how you can qualify for them:

  1. 6 Slots for IGC 2016 Open Bracket Contestants. 4 will be winners of their 64-man section. The 4 runners up of each 64-man section will go head to head for the last 2 Legends spots. Buy Competitor Tix here.
  2. 5 Slots for BOSS Competition Winners named above
  3. 4 Slots voted on by the community. Nominees picked from the largest community competitions of the year! You can vote on this in this post below.
  4. 1 Slot TBA

Below you’ll find the potential Legends from Qualification Method #3, the Community Tournament Winners.

These are your IGC 2016 Community Legend Nominees. Vote for the communities you think most deserve a nominee in the Legends bracket.

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Contest Ends In:

Outlaw: Gloving’s Endless Story

Ever since I was picked up by the Emazing sponsorship program, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel the country learn all about the best glovers and their styles in person.I take great pleasure in visiting and experiencing new scenes and meeting the glovers that I often only see through a computer screen. Two weeks ago I was able to go to Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, and I had the pleasure to finally meet the Outlaw.


It had been nearly a year and a half since I first learned of the the DMVs prodigal son and, although he was the only member of the sponsorship program that I hadn’t met in person, we had spoken quite a bit before the fest. I felt like I knew him already, even before we met. Socially, he is as laid back and reserved as they come, but when he puts the gloves on his persona quickly morphs into chaotic and aggressive one, countered by equal amounts of intelligence and purpose.

At Imagine Festival, I was fortunate enough to witness about an hours worth of his shows in person, and I hope to be able to convey the power and emotion of his style in words. He has an innate understanding of how his hands can change poses and move through space, and uses hand independence as well as cause and effect concepts to their fullest potential. Using an insanely slow speed he builds suspense within his show, and then rapidly shifts into sharp aggressive actions that leave you in a blur. He’s able to use massive amounts of space in his show and uses this to force a change in perspective while still maintaining the same moves. His knowledge of cause and effect is unparalleled, and he is able to actively switch which hand is the cause and which is the effect. His mix of body language and suggestive gesture added on top of his algorithmic freestyle creates concept chains that are like endless stories, books that you could never finish.

Outlaw is the No Man’s Sky of gloving.

The most important thing I noticed about Mike was his attitude. His humility, enthusiasm, and determination was infectious. These qualities, and his love for the connections he’s made through gloving are why he has become such a huge inspiration to the gloving community.


I look forward to the next time we meet~


Written by Joshua Pilla AKA Jest


The Champions of FaceMelt: Materia

Insight from glovings rubber-wristed whip king

The lightshow community has seen massive growth in the past few years. Going from a strictly California scene, to tons of new communities popping up everywhere you look, gloving is spreading its reach across the coasts and creating powerful new scenes. No community is a better example of this than Chicago. Having grown from a relatively small group to a powerhouse in gloving, boasting tournaments, stores, and sponsors, Chicago is the shining example of what gloving can become. And almost no one has had as big of an impact on a scene than the lovable Materia.

With Chicago BoSS coming up, and a legends spot at IGC up for grabs, I thought it would be nice to hear from the main man himself Materia. Materia has helped evolve Chicago in so many ways, and has been present for so many leaps and bounds in the community that it would be near impossible to separate his name from success. He’s one of my best friends and a massive inspiration in gloving and in building up your city.

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The Champions of FaceMelt: Rhapsode

Inside the mind of one of the scenes most creative and unique artist

Gloving has, over the years, produced some of the most talented and innovative artists. With near limitless possibilities at, quite literally, their fingertips, glovers have been able to easily create their own distinctive style that separates them from the rest of the scene. No glover has personified this more than Rhapsode.

Rhapsode has been, for many people, a source of massive inspiration. His technique and control are both top class, and his concept creation ranks among the best of the best. His style has evolved throughout the years, moving from raw and deliberate tech to smooth and hypnotizing liquid, yet still staying at the top level of gloving in any style he chooses. I was so ecstatic to be able to hear his unique views on the current gloving scene, as well as his thoughts on style, newcomers, and his own gloving career Continue Reading


The Champions of FaceMelt : Outlaw

A look into the mind of one of DMVs premier lightshow artists

Gloving, like any art form, has its titans. These artists are seen as the best of the best, and who act as idols to those just entering the scene. Often times we forget that, while they may seem larger than life online, these are just normal people.  This interview series will focus on the person behind the gloves, and you will be able to see how a top class glover views gloving as an art, their own style, and many other aspects of the scene (both online and in person).

In honor of the beginning of the FABLE Chapter 2 Competition, I decided to bring in the winner of the last FABLE competition as the first to be interviewed for this series. Considered one of the current top glovers, Outlaw has made his mark on gloving with a kind heart and a style which is equal parts unique and ruthless.  He was more than happy to answer all the questions I had for him, and his humble personality always makes it a joy to be able to talk and discuss anything with him. He’s a dedicated glover, an amazing teammate, and a fantastic influence on the scene. Continue Reading

Brian Lim

Gloving Community Update 4/22/2016 – Brian Lim


FNL Level Up: The Ultimate Playground for Glovers

With the next FNL Level Up happening in just a few short weeks, I wanted to share my experience from the first event with everyone, and encourage you to attend so you can see it for yourself!

The first FNL Level Up occurred just a few short days after I released my blog post about bringing the roots back to gloving, so I figured it would be good for me to be present at the event to not only interact with the new generation of incoming talent, but to witness first-hand how much the scene has evolved over the last several years.

I’ve attended many different variations of glover meetups and events—all the way from the very first FNLs in random parking lots, to the packed & sweaty events at the first EL store in West Covina, and of course IGC, the largest gathering of both recreational and competitive glovers from around the globe. FNL Level Up was easily one of the best gloving-based events I’ve attended so far.

Things have positively progressed since I last stepped foot into an event like this, and it was extremely well-organized and fun. I definitely will attend again, and wish glovers around the globe could experience this—I have high hopes that we’ll get there in due time as our community continues to grow!

Anyway, let’s get into some details.

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Florida Glovers Unite for Miami BOSS

“Glovers give me a smile when you are ready!” …These were the words I heard as I smiled anxiously walking across the room. I knew everyone was ready, but was I? I carefully watch as I saw a group of glovers breathe in deeply while the others yelled out their team names for support. You could feel the crowd’s energy in the air. I gripped my scoreboard tightly, nervous of what could be this year’s outcome. I remember seeing a glimpse of a pink flamingo dancing around in a corner. I caught myself chuckling at it and turned my head to see Mary laughing about it as well. From that point on, I knew this Miami BOSS was going to be one for the record books. With many unexpected guests from out of state like Blitzen, Brian Lim and Krusty, I knew that many glovers were anxiously awaiting for this day.

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FNL Level Up from the balcony

FridayNightLights – Level Up – Camera Guy Videos

Being at FNL Level Up was amazing to say the least. Fire was being thrown and people were having fun, this is what gloving is about.

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